Night Life 9.5.18

Service was soo good tonight!! It was just what I needed, a boost for the rest of the week! When PD said, “The Word stretches me to a place of victory. He became like me so I could be like Him…how valuable does that make me? His death affords me His life!!” It just made me realize even more that Jesus came to the earth and was just like me! He overcame so I can always be an overcomer, He was rejected so I can be accepted! He went through what I would have to face, so when it came time for me to face it, I already had the victory. I was so valuable to Him, He was willing to die, so I could live and not just barely get by, but overcome in a place of victory!! Thank you Jesus!! I’m going to stop looking at the circumstances and situations that come up from a place of negativity or defeat, and begin looking at them from the place of victory that was already won!
Soo, did you see how valuable you were tonight too? That you can have His life because you have His victory? Or what was the something that stood out most to you during service?

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