Night Life 9.12.18

How was service tonight?! What stood out most to you? How are you going to apply what you heard to your life?

A couple statements that stood out to me were:

  • The only desire God is obligated to assist with and bring to pass are the ones He has given. You have to want to seek Him first and then He will give the desires He put in you.  
    • That is sooo good!! He will give me all the desires of my heart when my desires are from Him!! Just seek Him first and put His things as number 1!
  • Separation from Him is your choice!
    • Nothing and no-one can keep me from time with Him, but me!!It’s time to up my quality time with Him!! 🙂 No excuses!!
  • Anything that keeps you from enjoying His peace isn’t worth it!!!
    • This just reminded me that no matter how things seem, what people tell me, or even how I think- if it’s not bringing me peace, it’s not worth it!!!

Were some of these your take-a-ways? We want to hear from you!! 🙂



  1. Today I was thinking about something the Holy Spirit made me realize and tonight was an eye opener, we think we know what our desires are but we can be surprised, the Holy Spirit asked me point blank “What do you want?” I thought I knew, now my wants have changed.

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  2. PD delivered a very good word picture…”pack His word in your heart”…basically when your heart is stuffed full of the Word its less likely your heart will be overrun and overruled by what the world has to offer!!!

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  3. I liked how PD said if your are constantly looking to yourself you cannot and will not be a successful Christian. A daily reminder is necessary!!! How successful I will be today as woman of God is dependent on how often I am looking to Him!!


  4. I really liked how Pd said “you have to want to do life with Him, more than you want to do life as most people”. Doing life with Him requires Discipline because it requires saying no to something and saying yes to Him and His way! Doing that has to be from a place of being All In with Him because you simply love God and understand he loves you and you can trust him no matter what it is you may face or go through! Im so grateful for this word!!!!!

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  5. When PD said “Just like the enemy needs people to live wrong, God needs His kids to live right! To do this effectively we need to honor His Word and do things His way!” So good! Our lives should not only look different but they should reflect the honor and humility that Jesus had in every area of our life. We should do what we do because we love Him. There really is no excuse, if we love Him, we will do what He says!❤️

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  6. My favorite was when Pastor Dean said God’s not obligated to give me the desires of my flesh, of what my neighbors have, or what I read in magazines, etc. I was just encouraged to spend more time with Him so my desires are what He desires for my life not what I can see or come up with naturally!


  7. “Our highest call is to serve others.”

    “The only way we can effectively serve others is to honor God’s Word and do things His way!”

    Pastor Dean gives us such clear instruction on how to be successful children of God.

    I like what Patricia said about being disciplined to saying no to the wrong things and saying yes to the right things.

    When we honor His Word and do things His way we will find ourselves serving others well.

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  8. This whole message begged the question for me…Who am I accountable to and who do I serve?
    If I am serving Him then I set myself apart from the world. I don’t compare myself to others because that comes from the world’s attitude of success or failure and how I see myself, thus making me less effective in serving anyone.
    The comments… “we have to not want to sin” and “Just obey because we want to” all boils down to the choices that we make on a minute by minute basis!!
    What does He want from us and what do we want to do for Him?

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