Sunday 9.16.18

Service was soo good!! Which ones did you attend? JumpStart? 1st? 2nd? 3rd? Maybe all? Each service was so different and sooo amazing!!

Here are a couple things from services today:


  • Needing to be needed will cause my life to be unproductive
  • All of my needs, need to be intentionally swallowed up in Him
  • My will has the ability to choose LIFE! Don’t make your will a wussy!
  • People pleasing means you value how others see you more than how the Father sees you

52 Weeks of Faith

  • There are 2 reasons things happen
    • The enemy
      • John 10:10- He comes to steal, kill, destroy
      • Luke 10:19- But I have the power
    • Me
      • Galatians 6:7- Whatever I sow is going to grow
      • I control my faith & sowing. When I do it according to His Word; I win!!!

So, which service did you attend? What was your take-a-way from it?


  1. I Loved today’s ‘Mini Message”! Its so amazing to me because when pastor Dean started talking about how the Enemy comes to destroy, steal, and kill. I really felt that. This was actually a revelation I had about this a few weeks ago as I was talking to my best friend… The verses today just went along with what i have been feeling and realizing! The Enemy will use people to get to you, not like the person has that intent when they are in your life but the enemy very much does.. Some current life situations really opened my eyes to all this. I felt as if God has been talking directly to me during today’s message and last Sundays! He’s been doing that a lot the past couple weeks and my ears are very much open! That”s a true sign of faith when you can pray and realize these on your own then they are talked about during service. What an amazing God we serve!

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  2. Today’s message was so good! I am so grateful for PD and his willingness to give me the truth! I like how he said “Its up to you to work on the soil of your heart, to keep your heart right!” We as individuals have a responsibility to steward this life he’s given us! We do that by keeping our minds stayed on Him and continuing day in and day out to be consistent in A relationship with The Father and His word and mature and develop into a Doer of the Word! We can’t play the blame game any more We as individuals need to grow up and put our big girl or big boy pants on and seriously cling to The Father because he’s All we need in this life, The Life! I’m so so so beyond grateful for The Word today!

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  3. I attended 1st service and really got what I needed! “There are two reasons things happen”, I was so eager to know what PD was going to say next! There is no grey, between the two reasons. Today’s message really opened my eyes, and I want things in my life to happen because of seedtime and harvest and not because of the enemy! When PD said “God sent Jesus to hell for YOU” I couldn’t help but think of how big all of His sacrifices were for ME. I get so worked up in my own life sometimes that I forget what really matters. Today’s message was much needed and I am so thankful for Pastor Dean and his heart for the Lord.

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  4. Things happen for two reasons the presence of the thief and laws of seedtime and harvest. Really great way to analyze your life. If things happen where did you allow the enemy to come in and what has to be done to correct it. What kind of seed have you been sowing and does that need to look different. For example what does your speech look like, what do your actions look like toward other people and where have you been putting your money.


  5. When your crop is right, the crop of others won’t move you.. PD said something along these lines in 3rd service and it really helped me! It’s so important to stay focused on you and Him and allow Him to guide you in everything else! That way you don’t feel the need to “take on” the crop of those around you because you know you’re on the right track with Him!

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  6. During Jumpstart Pastor Charity said don’t linger in your past and don’t linger in your own future because it’s selfish! I need to put the focus on God in me and not me. We should be productive by His leading because we are responsible to do as He did! When He is my everything, I have no need and I have no want! This reminds me of Matthew 6:33 to seek (think) His kingdom first and He will add all other things. She said it’s all hidden in your consecration, there is ONE person in my audience at all time!❤️I also attended third service and I liked when PD said if you don’t like your crop, change your sowing because what your sowing is growing! I’m going to be more intentional on sowing to the spirit and not to the flesh.

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    “You cannot move forward looking back”
    “Don’t allow yourself to linger in your own past…it’s selfish…taking thought is always fear based”
    “There’s no life in your past…your life is in your present”

    PC really delivered a strong and encouraging message…it’s not where you’ve been but where you can go when surrendered to Him!!! One day at a time, trusting that the Him in you is bigger than anything or anyone you will ever face who comes in opposition to the Word you know!!!

    1ST SERVICE: How can someone that’s already been defeated ruin you?
    >>> THAT’S RIGHT!!! the enemy cannot do anything destructive in your life unless you give him access through your own unwillingness and disobedience!! You must choose LIFE in order to have Life and overcome the deceptive attempts of your defeated enemy!!

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  8. I was really encouraged today during Jumpstart when Pastor Charity talked about not lingering in your past or future because of how selfish it is. I don’t want to be someone who just exists, letting moments and opportunities pass by day by day because of fear. I want to be someone who lives life with Him as my focus everyday, one day at a time.


  9. There are only two reasons things happen:
    #1//the enemy as a liar and deceiver comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

    As I fill my heart with the Word of God, everything else will be pushed out of the way. If the devil can’t steal the Word, he can’t take me out.

    #2//The law of seedtime and harvest.

    I will have the life that I sow. How do I yield; after the Spirit or after the flesh?? I will reap in my life what I sow, not what others do or say.

    I refuse to let a defeated rebel have authority and access in my life. Jesus made me free and I will operate from His freedom and His perfection, one day at a time.

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  10. i really liked the #2 point in PD’s message…seedtime and harvest!
    i have to remember that EVERYTHING i say and do is seed so i have to sow for the harvest that i would like (:

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  11. “Revelation is time-sensitive” PD 1st service
    so good!!! Holy Spirit has been working with me for about a year now regarding redeeming the time in a unique way and this stood out to me so much. I don’t want to waste my time on frivolous endeavors but in His presence! When He tells me, I want to be ready to respond! Thank you for sharing this, PD 😊

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  12. 1st service high: Faith is on purpose or it’s not faith. You are either in faith or not there’s no gray!
    Jump start high: you can’t move forward looking back!

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  13. 1st service This was so good when PD said it’s my harvest that makes the difference what I sow and reap not only in my life but those that are watching my life! Made me realize even more when PD said if it’s not God’s Faith it’s not faith!Jump Start when PC talked about you can’t move forward when your looking back! My real life is in my Present and future one day at a time just because I love Him!

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