Night Life 9.19.18

Good evening everyone (or morning…or afternoon lol)! Night Life was soooo good tonight!! How was it for you? Was it everything you needed to hear? What was your favorite part?

How about when PD said:

  • You always have to be aware of what you’re looking at!
  • The only thing that separates us from those who don’t know Him is how we behave
  • Wishing you hadn’t is usually because you were looking at what you shouldn’t

All I know is I’m going to be aware of what I’m looking at, spending my time on, and how I’m behaving!! I want to be separate from the world!! How about you? What was your take-a-way?



  1. Tonight was absolutely amazing and powerful! The part that stuck out to me the most was when PD was talking about the importance of guarding what you look at and what you hear! I saw it as these things being planted on the inside of us. We may think the things we hear and see are harmless but they do have some kind of affect on us and if continued these things will be revealed in our behavior! Good Word PD!!!!

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  2. My favorite part was PD using Eve and David as examples and the importance of what I put my eyes on and allow myself to think then comes the action. I’m reminded that everything I see or hear I have to deal with. It puts the word at top priority. If I’m seeing and hearing the word I’ll be safe and protected and guaranteed for a successful life with a The Father. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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  3. I thought it was great. Such a good word. It reminds me that it’s so important to always guard your heart, and it can be something so subtle too.. it only takes one look sometimes and BAM your deceived, and in sin. I also liked when PD said sometimes you get in a ditch, but to juT get back up on the road where you belong. God is so good and so faithful.

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  4. Great Word PD! Word I received tonight is life. We have to be aware of what we are seeing and hearing and if it doesn’t line up with the Word be quick to do away with it. Don’t even go there because our imagination is deceptive. PD said the proof of our love for the Father God is not proclaiming it but if you do what He says. So we just need to do the Word that simple.

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  5. I just really liked the pointedness of “responsibility” being in our court…you can’t be surprised at the destruction that transpires in your life if you blatantly didn’t do what you knew the Word instructed you to do.

    Guarding all of your intake shouldn’t be a rule you follow but a way of life that says because I love Him and desire to please Him then I will too love myself enough to not purposely participate in things that could potentially kill me!

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  6. Service was reallly good tonight! I loved how PD reminded us of how our eyes are like that of young children-the way we, as parents want our children to only be exposed to good things, so does our Father. I’m reminded of a song with the lyrics…”be careful little eyes what you see sung by a small child at the end…” but throughout the song, the singer sings that it is a slow fade…when you give yourself away.
    I relate that to giving yourself away each time we look at what we shouldn’t. Just as David gave himself away by “looking” at Bethsheba taking a shower, and then gave himself away again when he slept with her and so on, eventually fading away when he dishonored the Father.

    My take away from tonight’s message was to not only guard my heart more proactively-but to consider that every time I choose to “look” to sinful things-I am spiritually, giving myself away! I don’t want to be found “faded” when Jesus comes back for the church! I will choose to stay vibrant and bright-by looking at the right things! ❤️

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    1. That is so great Monica!!! That fits so perfectly with what PD was saying!!! We want to look at only good things we would be ok with children seeing! So good!!


  7. Tonight’s message was exactly what I needed to hear! He is faithful! I’ve been more aware of what I’m putting my own eyes and ears on but need to be the same way with my girls…you can’t trust flesh! So, from now on, as a family, we’re going to keep each other accountable with what we’re watching, listening to, and spending our time on. It does just take one look on what we shouldn’t to get us caught up in something we didn’t plan…but we choose to keep our eyes fixed on Him, where protection and security are found.

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  8. I’m always so grateful for the truth I hear here. Its sobering to know that like PD said David was anointed by God and then found himself self deceived and doing probably what he at what time never thought he would do. I have to keep the main thing the main thing. The Word PF God. It’s the only way I’ll be right.

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  9. Such a good word!!
    It all started in the garden when Eve entertained what the enemy was pushing. She was simply listening to the wrong voice and not where she was supposed to be. She was hanging out by the only tree she couldn’t eat from 🙄.
    How subtle it was but cost so much!!!
    Today we are no different. Constantly evaluating who I’m listening to and where I am allowing myself to go or watch or talk or act is a DAILY submission to the plan the Father has. Staying vitally connected to Him and that plan is the only option for success. Every other choice or alternative is a step in the wrong direction and you have to keep that in the forefront of your mind.

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  10. My favorite things PD said were:

    •Deception, dishonor and pride always proceed destruction!

    •How you value the word begins to determine how valuable it is to you!

    •The proof of your love for the Father is that you do what He says!!!

    •Nobody is immune from having to guard their eyes and their ears!

    I realize that my eyes have to be guarded at all times as well as my ears. I can’t listen to or watch just anything because whatever is not moving me closer to God is moving me away from Him. I am not above making a mistake just because God has a calling on my life. It is my responsibility to guard my heart and be obedient to avoid what I know won’t benefit me.

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  11. my favorite part was when PD said “wishing you hadn’t comes from looking at things you shouldn’t”…when we put our eyes (or imagination) on things we shouldn’t it always ends in regret!

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  12. This was so so good! I’m grateful for Pastors that never compromise the word to us. I liked what PD said, deception, dishonor and pride will always proceed destruction!WOW! Eve and David didn’t think this through! PD tells us and it paints a clear picture if we want the truth what you look at and what you hear contrary to God’s Word will always cost you more than you’re willing to pay. Also People can’t see our new Spirit man but they do see how you behave! This spoke huge truth to my own life to never go back to those behavior patterns Jesus bled out for me to be set free from. Just say no because you love Him!

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  13. Two things stood out to me from service…well, maybe more than two but I can’t write a novel!!!I
    First; PD referencing that we are not responsible for others walk with the Father. We don’t have to defend or argue the Word or where we are in our faith walk…we just have to love others and tell them that they have the same opportunity to develop their own personal relationship just as we did. We should be ready to let them know just how much our faith means to us and guide them to the Word. They can decide on their own whether they want to take advantage. We do have to love them and not judge. Most importantly, our life should be our testimony as the world “walks by sight” and and our actions can negate our words in an instant! We are flesh and it is up to us to keep ourselves in check…
    Eve “saw” and was deceived…Adam “knew” and ignored…David “saw” and was tempted.
    Thankfully, God shows us a way to deal with our flesh!

    Second; You have to “grow away” from your past. The whole “what we thought we wanted” life has to change to “what do we want to do for Him” life.
    Thanks PD.

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  14. As I listened to this message what really stood out to me was that we are assigned to care for people but if we don’t see them correctly we won’t care for them. To me to really see people correctly you have to be willing to get over self and into a place of true agape love, to see through the eyes of love. Agape love tells people the truth and see’s them correctly and from that place you can be genuine with people and be honest and encourage them at the same time.


  15. As I listened to this message what really stood out to me is we as individuals are assigned to care for people but if we don’t see people correctly we won’t care for them. To me in order to see people correctly I have to see through eyes of love and get over self. Love isn’t willing to not care for people but instead it takes time to be honest and genuinely love people and care for them by encouraging them and being truthful! Love is truth!!!!


  16. As I listened to this message 2 things stood out to me. The first one is we are assigned to care for people but if we don’t see people correctly we can’t care for them. To me what I got is that you truly have to get over self and be willing to tell people the truth from a place of being genuine and encouraging at the same time, this can only be done by seeing people through the eyes of agape love!

    The 2nd thing that stood out to me is when Pd said “I have power to resist and grow and never look back. To grow away l from what’s been done.” For me it made me think… okay patricia stop looking back and look forward and trust God! Keeping my eyes on the Jesus will continue to have me where I need to be & that’s Definitely not looking back but growing daily in Him!


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