Sunday 9.23.18

Happy Sunday, everyone!!! Today was such an amazing day! I’m so thankful to get to freely go to church and hear God’s Word! How was y’alls Sunday? Which service did you attend?

Here are some great things from JumpStart and second service!


  • You can’t move forward looking back! When a farmer is plowing and looks back, he deviates from his path; so when it’s time to pick up weeds, he picks up seeds!!
  • Fear puts emphasis on man; love puts emphasis on God!!
  • Keep your soul (mind, will, emotions) tank locked up; but keep your spirit tank open to go to your heart!

52 Weeks of Faith

  • If you learn to say “No”, it will help you grow!
  • Faith don’t think!
  • Abraham didn’t ask questions. God told him to go and he went in faith! Faith acts!!
  • Faith don’t ask questions!
  • Want to succeed in life? Joshua 1:8 tells you exactly how!!! So good!
  • My self talk will make me or make me!! (what are you making real)


So, how was church for you today? What stood out most to you?!


  1. I went to 2nd service, it was so good…
    •our self talk is a big deal,, and if our hearts are full of the word this will be our self y’all.
    •our #1 purpose is to please God
    •faith don’t ask questions
    •faith is just like taking a breath one at a time ( one step at a time )
    This is so good one step at a time I will walk by faith ♥️

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  2. I went to 3rd service..
    Hello! We’ve heard it so many times! Stop thinking about what YOU’RE gonna do, and ask the Holy Spirit what to do!
    Another one that stuck out was:
    “Faith takes you in the direction the Father wants you to go, you just might not know where you’re going but that’s ok, you’re walking by faith!”
    It just took me back to Mary, she didn’t ask why does she have to have Jesus, she just asked how.
    So it reminded to stop asking why, get out of my thoughts, and just ask the Holy Spirit what to do and how!! God is a God of order, so it’s time to quit letting my thoughts scatter around what God has called me to do and just DO IT by FAITH!

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  3. OMG!!! Abraham is my FAVORITE!!! and not just because he is one of my dads! lol!! Just to think that he took off with no idea of where he was going! That constantly challenges me to NOT THINK just respond to the voice of the Holy Spirit and the Word!!! “Faith don’t think!!”

    Pastor Dean said, “Our success is a set up but in order for it to show up we have to have faith” Faith comes by hearing so I want to fill my heart with the Word of God continually to drive out and lock away reason, emotion, anything else that would distract me from Him!!

    Hebrews 11:8 should be our #1 priority as His children, commanding those we have influence over in the WAYS OF THE LORD!! I am always encouraged by that…nothing else matters except devoting my life completely to His purposes and it doesn’t matter where you may find yourself hearing this truth…when you hear it, there is grace to do it…even in the middle of the biggest mess, He can lead you out one step at a time…

    We have to abandon our senses and any excuses…the way it is is the way the Word says it is and that’s the way I want it!!

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  4. From 1st service:
    What I have sowed is the evidence in my life and if that evidence doesn’t always line up with what the Word says I am, then I have some adjustments to be made! I’m not choosing to walk by faith in those moments but my flesh is winning!

    From Jump Start: The trainer was too familiar with the killer whale and that’s how she was killed. It’s still a killer whale even if you are “besties”. This made me think at what point in my life have I allowed things to be familiar that I don’t see the true reality?! The reality can be detrimental to my life or the lives of those around me. What gate am I so familiar to leave open and not think a thing about it?! What is really flowing into me on a daily basis…spirit or my mind, will, and emotions?!

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  5. Jumpstart takeaway: familiarity can kill you!!

    1st service:
    PD:”the difference between heart faith and head faith is success or failure”…the moment we get our head involved and begin to rationalize and figure is typically the same moment we’ve taken God out of the equation and made ourselves our God and in that place you’ve tied God’s hands in the situation by yielding to doubt and unbelief instead of just trusting in Him wholeheartedly knowing that without Him you can do nothing!!!

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  6. I attended 3rd service and when PD said “Faith don’t think” Wow! It just went all in my inner being. Faith dones’nt ponder – faith does. When PD spoke about Abraham and His knowing and surety of God that he and Isaac would be back and Isaac being the sacrifice. Abraham did not ponder his faith Abraham did. Good Word and grateful for the Revelation of His Word. Much much Word to review and feed on. ❤️ More growing to do in Him and not my thinking. 😊

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  7. Jumpstart highs: the fight is to have the gate closed, I have to continually renew my mind to get it behind the gate (the Word) so that I don’t become familiar and get taken out. The goal is to get my mind out of the way because I bring nothing to the table, I want it to be all Him! Anything not rooted in love is rooted in shame and pride. We have to see ourselves in the blood.

    3rd service: PD said- faith don’t think!! Faith is of the heart, NOT the intellect! I have to trust Him one day at a time to order my steps, I don’t have to know all the answers, I just have to trust Him! He also said you can’t walk by faith and live in your senses. No matter what it looks like, I will keep my eyes on Jesus❤️

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  8. 3rd service

    “Faith don’t think!” When PD made that statement it had me realizing when I’m having an issue that I’m thinking about to much, then that’s my answer I’m not in faith I’m thinking about what I’m going to do next when I should just stay in faith.

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  9. Jumpstart/ Our Heart should hunger and thirst after progress! What are you hungry for?The Father is an Ever Present help in time of need we have to be present! Moving forward to sow the right seed day after day to be on the receiving end day after day through the Life giving faith! Thank You! PC

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  10. 1st Service I really liked it when PD said the difference between heart faith and head faith is success or failure! I want the success God created me to have so this is a no brainer. Not to be thinking about my way but about he’s the High way,the Truth and the Life! But we have to believe it calling the WORD the truth! Thanks PD I needed this!

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  11. Jump Start I really like the Shamoo visual. I want to keep the me side locked up which is performance based always and keep the spirit side open. Spirit to spirit!!! I will be spiritually minded.

    I always like when PD uses the example of Abraham because he didn’t have a covenant and had such great faith. Where did this guy come from lol!! I’m his lineage and I will walk by faith like he did!!!

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  12. 1st service really had some points that hit home…
    “We can’t cast a care that we decide to keep for ourself”. Sometimes just hanging on to something because we don’t take the time to get in the Word and be reminded that we can let go of these issues and allow God to show us a solution or even just trust that He has already taken care of what we have been worrying about.
    From Genesis – God knew Abraham.
    God knows me…I had to ask myself, “What are His thoughts on my person and how am I living the life He gave me”?
    Mostly, know that we need to be very aware of the Holy Spirit when listening to any message from any messenger and know that we have discernment over all the things we hear.

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