Night Life 9.26.18

Hey y’all!! How was your Wednesday?? I say pretty great if you were at church tonight!!!

I really liked how PD was talking about how we should be in the world and to people in our world! We have to be bold and speak the truth! To show love regardless of how we are treated or what is going on! We never know the person on the other side and what they are facing. When PD said people are broken and hurting and I know because we all once were; that really got me thinking!! We know what it’s like to be without hope and desperate and we have the opportunity to share the hope and truth we have with others!! I was challenged to get out of my head and be the light everywhere I go!!

What about you?! How was your night? What was your favorite thing PD said?


  1. Last nights message was tough to hear but the message I took away was that we shouldn’t be afraid to look at hard subjects and address them, especially with our kids. They need to know that you are there and solid and can help them make sense of some of this worldly junk that they deal with on a daily basis. We can’t let our kids rely on their “friends” to guide them, we had them, they are loan to us and we are responsible for them. We cannot let our kids survive on their own. They don’t have the knowledge needed to stand up to these life issues yet. Even if we don’t have all the answers, we at least have to work as a family to support and protect our children the best we can and then pray over them fiercely and let God help us with the rest. No child should be left standing alone to face the enemy. At the very least they should know that they are a Child of God 1st and foremost and then, that they are our child and we will do everything in our power to protect them and teach them. This is not easy people but these are our babies!!! We owe it to them to give them every tool possible to grow up safe and become warriors against the enemy!!

    PD said, “Speak to yourself, push yourself, Don’t play in life, this life of God is not a game!”
    We don’t have to travel to another country to look for someone to help…Just look across the street, across the aisle, across our dinner table! Be willing and ready when the Holy Spirit brings someone across our path. Just be available to offer a kind word or a comforting pat on the back…He also said,”Plant seeds that He (The Father) can work with”. We don’t have tone the one to fix their problem, just offer love and encouragement and let them know that things can be better with Faith in God.

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  2. PD said that someone has to tell the truth…there has to be a people that will talk to people about what they don’t know! The world, my world around me needs what I know. I don’t want to make excuses, but be able to explain to others how much better of a life they have access to! There are people that are closer than I think that are hurting and lost, and they’re looking to the world to find freedom. We’ve all seen what It looks like to hunger for freedom. I want to help others understand what it’s like to live freely!

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  3. My favorite thing Wednesday night that PD said we can’t be embarrassed about who we are and The Father made us to be. You can’t let people change you from who you’ve been called to be in Christ Jesus! When Paul said I take no greater joy than to walk in the truth!We’re called to tell people the truth the fields are white the harvest is out there. They are just looking for someone to give a RIP!!!!! Ask someone is there anything I can help you with? Then do it! So good PD!!!!

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  4. This sermon was so in your face!! I’m so grateful for PD telling us the truth about issues that are not so easy to discuss! My favorite statement of the night was anything that isn’t right is a quickie!! Don’t think you can do whatever you want and have the God kind of life!!! I will live right!!!

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  5. My favorite things PD said in this message is we can’t be embarrassed about who we are and who The Father made us to be.You can’t let people change you!We’re called to tell people the truth always in love but the truth just the same. To be ready to give them the answer out of your heart from the Father and He will help them! Paul said I have no greater joy than to walk in the truth, so we should as will! I know I want to always be in truth! I want to be willing all the time not fearful of what others may say or think but what God says! People are just looking for someone to give a RIP!!!!!! I want to be that someone don’t you? To shine the light of Jesus on darkness. Asking them is there anything I can help you with then do it with the heart of the Father!


  6. My favorite PD said was about we can’t be embarrassed about who we are and who we are made to be! We’ve got to tell people the truth no matter what they think of us always staying in love! Ask is there something I can help you with then be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and do it ! Most people just want some one who gives a RIP!!!!! I want to be that someone! So good PD!!!!!!


  7. My favorite part of this message was that it just exposed how easy it is to become complacent with the light we have and completely ignore a dark world around us! I want to constantly challenge myself to be sensitive to His voice in every interaction, every day because people’s lives are at stake 😔

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  8. I liked PD’s pointedness towards adults for their influence over children but this goes further…this should be your outlook for everyone in your influence!!! Your light should shine and you should be an answer for the lost NOT another reason for confusion!!! Share the truth…you never know who’s looking to you for hope!!!

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  9. Service was really good! I really liked how PD was so adamant about us and the influence we have in our world. That our world (our community) can be changed because of our unwillingness to sit back and not be vocal about our faith and the truth we know!! I was just challenged to be more open and available to people in my world!

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  10. This message really challenged me to not be complacent in sharing the Word and to be bold! There are people in my world that I can share the good news with and it’s not up to me if they receive! PD said “We can’t be embarrassed about God’s plan!” I want to be used by God everywhere I go and share the truth in love!

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