Sunday 9.30.18

Hey everyone! How was your Sunday? Did you stop by our Fall Display and write what you are thankful for? I’m so thankful for church!! Here are a couple highs from todays services!


  • If I want to be led, then stay in love
  • Don’t become comfortable and casual with my flesh
  • I can’t be tuned into God and my fleshly desires at the same time
  • My life of faith isn’t about my soul being convinced but contained
  • I have to choose to receive not be convinced

52 Weeks of Faith

  • Am I daily making decisions to be a better man or woman of God?
  • Whatever God gave birth to overcomes the world
  • We have to bring everything back to the Word. Our faith has to be based on the Word
  • There’s never a reason to doubt when I’ve found out
  • Don’t be comfortable with unbelief
  • I have the power to speak it out or speak it in

What service did you attend? What were your highs?


  1. Jump start/ you can’t walk in God if you’re not walking in Love then you will be led by the Spirit !The goal is to get out of my mind into the mind of Christ we get up everyday in the flesh we have to CHOOSE!!!! 1st Service God has birthed an abundant life for me ,my assignment is to realize it is finished, then to walk by FAITH like it is finished! Faith believes what the word says!Thanks PD!


  2. 3rd service was soo good!! When PD was talking about Shadrack, Meshack and Abindigo and said that “anytime you “bow”, settle for anything less than all He paid for, you’re getting your butt kicked!” We cannot allow ourself to settle for anything but Gods Word!
    Also when he said “feelings change… you can’t just do things because it makes you feel good!” We must get the the point where we are uncomfortable thinking we can do anything apart from Him! It’s about everyday submitting and humbling ourselves under the Word and allowing Him to do what only He can do in and through us!

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  3. Whatever God has given birth to overcomes the world!!! My faith is the victory that gives me everything He has birthed!! Healing—my faith will get it; peace—my faith will get it; prosperity—my faith will get it; and if isn’t even my faith it is His!! I will fill my heart with the Word so much that my mind surrenders to its power bringing about its results!! The Word has to be my foundation before my reality! How do I let God in my life…I don’t question His Word!!!

    I choose The Word and I choose to walk by faith!!!

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  4. Some statements from 1st service

    “The emphasis should be placed on the “finished” assignment. We have to live like it is finished. ”

    We have to make the Word our foundation before it can become real to us.
    We are called to live by the Word, we don’t need any other fix.

    I really liked when PD said”between what He (the Father) said and where I am now is my faith”! Such a good word picture to measure where my faith really is.
    My word for this year is Joy so the verse Romans 15:13 really resonates with me.
    Thanks PD!


  5. >the most blessed are those who are most content wherever they are

    >don’t allow your thinker to make you become a stinker!! 🙂

    > be content where you are but NEVER satisfied!

    > If ALL things are possible to them that believe then why would you ever become complacent?!!
    —basically the life you have is the life you’ve chosen; if you don’t like your station then don’t blame others especially God…He has equipped you for your calling but its up to you to utilize His tools in order to become the best You possible!!!!

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  6. Service was amazing! In Jumpstart PC said our life of faith is not about our soul being convinced but about being contained. I can’t be moved by feelings, or by what I think or what others think. I have to let His mind be in me and get my soul to surrender to the spirit❤️during third PD said do what’s written because it’s in the doing that we’re able to share in what’s done and that just really challenged me to be more adamant in the word by believing and speaking it, and not settle for any alternatives!

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  7. JumpStart/I really liked it when PC said,you can’t walk in God if you’re not walking in love.Then you will be led! Acknowledge who I’am in Him!Give up your reputation and don’t be moved!1st Service /We should be approaching our hearing more seriously, to walk by faith is a supernatural decision to humble myself resisting the things I used to be moved by! Our assignment is to realize it is finished then to walk by faith and live like it is finished! Thanks PD!!!!


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