DEEP 10.1.18

Hey DEEP Students!!! How awesome was DEEP tonight?! Before I get started on highs from the night, congrats to our new DEEP President Tracy Franco and our Vice Presidents Monica Campos-Rogo and Jasmyn Martinez!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Journey Through the Bible

  • 2 Timothy 3:16-17- Be QUICK to change!
  • Jesus was perfect; but we should grow to maturity!
  • Jesus is reflected in EVERY book of the Old Testament!
  • Every scripture MUST be taken through the cross!! We live like Jesus!! Follow His example!


  • You only love Jesus as much as the person you love the least!
  • You don’t need a second opinion because faith doesn’t get a first. Faith simply believes Him and His Word!
  • You can’t fake your way into stronger faith. You don’t fake it till you make it- you FAITH it until you make it!
  • You know you’re in faith when you don’t consider alternatives!

So, what were your highs from tonight?


  1. Deep was so good!!! You know your in faith when you don’t consider alternatives. You just trust him.. don’t waver what you say!! Speak the word only. Also I really enjoyed the journey through the Bible, I’m excited to read and reflect on what we were taught tonight.

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  2. Journey through the Bible:
    > I am not a puppet! I have a free will and no one, NOT even my Creator, can make me align my life to the Word!! I have to humbly surrender my life to Him in order to have His life operable in my life!!!

    > Faith isn’t received with your brain!!
    >>”head faith” detours you; “heart faith” keeps you on His track!!
    > You can’t enjoy what He’s done for you if you haven’t sincerely walked away from who you were!
    > Being settled on “His opinion” keeps you from seeking “their opinion”!!

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  3. DEEP is always so good!
    The one thing that mostly stood out to me during PK’s Journey through the Bible was how in 2 Chronicles, only after Solomon dedicated 1000 sacrifices did God show up on His behalf and He was so ready to bless him! My family discussed this last night and since the Old Testament is types and shadows, we understood more how important our part is in receiving God’s blessing…it’s going to take effort, intention, time, and resources but God is faithful to show up!
    In PD’s Faith lesson I appreciate his saying, “You only love JESUS as much as the person you love the least” 😬 This will definitely help me in my love walk! True heart faith equals no doubt, no questions, no alternatives!

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  4. Journey Through the Bible Jesus is reflected in the books of the Old Testament then in the New Testament taking everything through the cross! If Jesus refuted a principle go with Jesus! Faith / You only love Jesus as much as the person you love the least! Whatever you are convinced about is what you have faith in! Faith is the currency of heaven ! Deep was so good tonight made me look closer at my own walking by faith!!!!

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  5. My fave part of DEEP this week was in FAITH when PD was talking about dealing with fear when it’s time to walk in faith and exercise your rights as a child of God. Immediately the enemy comes to steal the word from you but so long as you recognize and address it and get to speaking and meditating on the right things He is defeated. Not by anything we have done but by EVERYTHING Jesus did. We just have to open our mouths and stop accepting and settling for alternatives!! Plan A all the way!!

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