Night Life 10.3.18

How was service tonight?! It was sooo great, right!! I’m so thankful for church and the Word!! What were some of your favorite things about tonight? Here’s some of ours:

  • Deception, dishonor, and pride ALWAYS precedes destruction!!
  • Faith SEE’S His Word, READS His Word, and DOES His Word!
  • The way to counteract the deceiver is to truly know your Redeemer!!

There are definitely some things I’m going to be meditating on this week and growing in! What about you? What did you hear that you are going to apply to your life?


  1. Prov 8:13 the fear of the Lord is to hate evil. Love is hate. If I love God I hate evil and run from it! I have been delivered from living in darkness! 🙌🏼

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  2. I am so grateful for correction and reproof by the Word. I don’t ever want to be comfortable because then I’m not growing!!! It may not always be what I want to hear but I can’t live off gummy bears. Give me some steak!! How lucky I am to have a man of God who can preach such a powerful message and still say he feels conviction every time he comes through the door. Such humility and love we have access to in our pastors.

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  3. Wow!!!!! Tonight was SO ON POINT FOR ME!!! I’m humbled and grateful for a spiritual Father like Pastor Dean who ALWAYS ALWAYS tells me the truth No matter What! What really ministered to me was RESPECT & HONOR THE WORD.. The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me on Respect.. it’s to regard something as very highly, to honor… if I’m Respecting & Honoring the Word then my life will continually look different because I’m on a continual journey of changing and conforming to my Heavenly Daddy! If I’m Respecting & Honoring His Word then I’m about Him & His business first no matter what or where I may be in life & because I choose to my life will Continually incline one day at a time!

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  4. My favorite thing PD said last night was “The way to counteract the deceiver is to truly know your redeemer.” The word is the answer for everything!! I am grateful! I’m thankful for the simplicity of it, it’s not like it’s a hard, unattainable thing. It’s the word, it’s this book; The Bible. And all it requires is time spent. I mean I do that with so many things, husband, children, work and house chores. It’s not hard to spend time in it, it’s a point of just making it the #1. And when I make that time and I also make adjustments to things I do that aren’t profiting me like the word would, then I’ll know truth! I’ll be well prepared with the word in my heart and the help of the Holy Spirit to help me every minute of the day in the good and the bad. I love how simple one statement is and the fact that it is possible to live the word and make the changes and live the life Jesus paid for me to have.

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  5. Faith sees His word, reads His word, and does His word! I’m so thankful to have a Father that not only gives us love and encouragement but also the correction and discipline to grow! I’m excited for continued growth and development in the only thing that’ll last forever.

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  6. I really liked when PD said “The way to counteract the deceiver is to truly know your Redeemer!!” God expects us to find out what He doesn’t like and what He does like! He has a place for us but we have to follow Him and learn who we are IN Him! I don’t want to be comfortable but continue growing and maturing into all He has for me!❤️

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  7. “The way to counteract the deceiver is to truly know your redeemer.” KNOWING HIM IS KNOWING REAL LIFE!!!!

    I also liked when He said….that complaining about anything that He already paid for is foolish! We have the power…its up to us to implement it in our lives!!!

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  8. Praise God! I’m so greatfull for a Pastor who always just shoots straight with us.God expects us to change , to inherit His customs to do what please Him! To hear His Word, believe His Word and do His word! Staying connected to Him so we can know who we are ! Gosh I want to know who I’am and Who I belong to! To love Him is to for sure hate evil! Proverbs 8:13. Not people!!!!! I’m thankful for the word, We can’t live on gummy bears and whip cream!

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