Sunday 10.7.18

How was y’alls Sunday? It was a great day to be at church!! Here are a couple of our take-a-ways this Sunday:


  • When you know who you are, you know where you go and where you fit
  • Insecurity is the result of displaced confidence
  • All of my confidence should be in the Father’s jar. Just like you don’t put sugar in the flour jar; don’t put your confidence in appearances, possessions, others thoughts, your thoughts, relationships, your abilities, or your understanding. Confidence only belongs in Him
  • If my confidence is in any other container, get ready for shame

52 Weeks of Faith

  • When the Father authors what I have, I’ll be content. I won’t seek alternatives
  • Faith is the currency of heaven
  • Faith is always necessary because everything else is temporary
  • When He’s number 1 I won’t be trying to be somebody else’s number 1
  • Walking by faith says what is doesn’t have to stay that way
  • Faith is ALWAYS right now

So, which service did you attend? What were some of your take-a-ways?


  1. I really enjoy sermons about FAITH! They are my favorite!! Here are a few of my highs from 1st and 2nd:

    When I cherish and value more what He has done than what I can do I will have what He has done.
    Continue to resist all that tries to hold you back…take off the old man and put on the new man
    Faith starts in your heart; when its real it will find your mouth!
    OMG…my favorite…heart faith is like chocolate–you know it is!!
    His promises come alive with honor! Honor activates them!!

    Another great Sunday! My Father has not left me to overcome alone. He has given me what it takes…we each have the measure of faith…His faith. I choose to use and walk in the light of what I have been given in order to continue to see maturity and progress for HIs glory….because of HIs love I just want to please Him and that takes faith!!!

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  2. Jumpstart high: insecurity is always a result of displaced confidence. All of my confidence should be in one place, the Father.

    1st service: Faith is the currency of heaven.

    Resist the attempts of the old man to re-clothe me!

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  3. I really liked jump start about the different containers we can have that we put our confidence in but those are counterfeit. The definition of confidence and just knowing that all I am or have is because of Him and everything else is my own doing and where my pride steps in.

    I liked when PD said: If He is your life then why do you listen to anyone else?

    It’s that simple…it’s that simple to know every moment of a decision who is really your God in that moment. Those moments really show too if you are walking by faith or just doing it on your own. When you are aware of Him then you are always taking stuff off.

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  4. First service was really powerful for me. When PD said ” your faith is never greater than your revelation”. Our verbiage is always…We walk in faith…We stand on our faith…We believe by our faith and so on but that is just words and unless we have real revelation of what we actually believe or speak…what good does our faith do for us?? Like PD said… ” our faith will find our mouth” !! Out of our heart…
    I want that revelation!!! I’m grateful that I am free to pursue God’s word revelation for me on any level that I choose.

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  5. My high from 1st service:
    PUT OFF EVERYTHING IF YOU WANT WHAT HE WANTS! Take off the old man! In my walk I should be Continuing to endeavor to peel away things in my life that don’t belong! This never stops as his kid I should never stop taking off things that don’t belong because THERES MORE!!!! I also liked how he said if you continue putting off the old man eventually your old man will get tired of reclothing you! This is simply about being humble enough to say Father I need you & I surrender to you and I continue asking you to help me take off day by day hour by hour minute by minute anything in my life that don’t belong!!! It’s my choice and I choose but he’s right there ready to help me as I surrender to him!!! I’m humbled and I’m grateful!

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  6. You must take off your idea of life in order to put on His life, which is life !!

    Don’t let His promises become your focus! He should be your focus and when He is your focus you will know the true definition of life!!

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  7. I really enjoyed Jumpstart and third service, the messages and the worship was exactly what I needed! In Jumpstart PC said your own understanding is not capable of bearing the loads! This really shows me that if I trust God and have faith in Him then I shouldn’t worry if it doesn’t make sense, I can’t always try to have things figured out. My confidence everyday must be in Him and not in my ability. I am determining that He will have all my faith! During third PD said come to Him as a little child, His plan is that I have faith in Him! God doesn’t expect me to come with it all figured out but to humbly just come as a child and stand in Him!!!❤️

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  8. Jump start/I really liked this when PC said don’t put your confidence in appearances ,I want all of my confidence to be in His container or His jar ! Not leaving my everyday confidence in Him to chance Spiritually! 1st Service /I liked it when PD said What God gave birth to,faith brings to me! Faith starts in your heart but if real will be found in your mouth! Heart faith is like chocolate ,you know it is! Thanks PD such a good word!!!!!

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    1. So good Darla!!! I really liked the illustration of confidence only being in His container also!! I also really like that statement from PD!! Thank you so much for sharing it!!! ❤️


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