DEEP 10.8.18

How was your Monday? We 😍 Monday’s because that means we have DEEP!! Classes were so good tonight, right?! What were some of your favs? Here are a couple of our take a ways:

Life of Honor

  • Truth isn’t dangerous; truth in contact with the wrong soil is dangerous
  • How I hear is just as important as what I hear
  • A burned out Christian is a Christian that doesnt spend time with Him
  • The Word never fails, we fail the Word
  • If it’s not getting better it’s getting worse
  • Just because it’s available doesn’t mean I’ll experience it
  • Ask yourself: Can I handle truth?


  • Mark 9:27-29- I have to bring something to the meeting- FAITH
  • I have to want it. God won’t force feed me
  • If it’s real faith it will find your mouth
  • The fight of faith is won by those strongest in faith
  • It’s not the package it’s the contents
  • Little faith worries about tomorrow

Don’t forget to let us know what some of your highs were!! Life is better when we do it together!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



  1. Every time we come together I’m so grateful for the word. And I realize how I hear is how I receive and that’s how I’ll respond or work it out in my life. So good. Also you’ll know faith is when you find your mouth on it ♥️

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  2. What an amazing night of DEEP!!!

    Dull and sharp knives look just alike but you can’t tell the difference until you start to work with them!!
    Dull knives are more dangerous than sharp ones.
    I know there are some major changes in my own life I need to make but just being and living a spiritual life is the major shift. Not being a carnal Christian.

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  3. Just because I hear it doesn’t mean I have it. I have to put the Word to work in my life.

    God doesn’t meet me where I am. I meet Him where He is.

    I liked the analogy of the birds! He is a God of order!!!

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  4. Honor:

    •You must be willing to take the Word with no excuses if you ever expect to experience growth!!

    •God is a god of order!!! You can’t live life by the seat of your pants and expect God results!!


    • if the Word is really the final authority in your life, you will give yourself NO alternatives!

    • it’s not the package; it’s the contents!!

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  5. Honor/The kind of garden you are determines how you hear! Honor is being stewards of the things that are seen! Faith/I like the analogy about the birds obeying the order of God, not flying by the seat of their pants ! Nor should we God’s all about order!

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