Night Life 10.10.18

Service was so good tonight! I’m so thankful to be at church and hear the Word!! The Word is everything💜

Sooo what were some of your highs from tonight? What are you going to begin to apply to your life?

Here are some of ours:

  • The enemy can’t do anything unless I allow it
  • I can quit ANYTHING I want to
  • You can’t let yourself slack

I have to stay on top of me! When I don’t give my flesh wiggle room the enemy cant come in! And when my flesh is in control, when I’m living each day for and from Him, there is nothing that can keep me bound!!! I’m going to get my flesh in check and eliminate any slack!!

So what about you? Share with us 🙂


  1. It’s not ever about what you are walking away from but what you are walking into.
    Ephesians 4:22 my adversary is seeking whom he MAY devour!!
    MAY or MAY NOT!!! 2nd time this verse has come up this week!! Sooo much to meditate on!!
    He MAY NOT devour me, my family, my finances, my business, my staff, my calling!!
    Keep taking off things!!!

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  2. Take it off!!! Anything that is a hinderance just take it off!!

    How do I know I’m a child of God? When I change.

    Don’t ever quit quitting!

    What I do should be a big deal to me.

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  3. We will continue to take off layers…we never get to a place where “we are good”, where we have arrived. We will continually have to remove things that are getting in the way of more of Him! As we take off the layers, we are able to put Him on. We can’t wear both, it doesn’t look cute!

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  4. I really liked what PD said about my life and why I do it should be a big deal to me!We have to build on our life as we take off the layers of the old man! We can quit whatever we want to! Telling my mind,self we’re not going down that old road anymore! Learn to remember what you took off. I want my fruit to be evident that He is the Vine,I’m the branch and to be excited that I’am His daughter as I make some adjustments in my life I won’t miss a thing He wants for me!Don’t ever quit quitting!Thanks PD!!!!

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  5. ➡️In order for the new life you’ve been given to be beneficial, you must consistently and continuously choose to remove the layers of your former life otherwise you’ll find yourself a new you trapped in the old you’s shadow never truly reflecting His light!

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  6. You can’t just cover what needs to be removed with something that’s right!

    You can’t have the past and the present working together! God’s goal is for me to be free and it takes continuing to quit the wrong things!

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  7. I like how PD said Your greatest pressure is to look beyond people you have to deal with and Not living for people or self but living for the one who died for me! WOW!!!!
    This truly depicts what living a life for him is all about-HIM.. being conformed to HIM FOR HIM…. This is day in and day out keeping my eyes on Him & Continuing to TAKE OFF THE OLD MAN & PUT ON THE NEW! Not putting my eyes on self or others but ONLY HIM!!!!


  8. Because you are a child of God, the devil can not do anything to you without you allowing it, just like the Father can’t take you further than you are right now without you allowing Him to…PD nightlife

    I needed to hear this…I am never not in control! The direction I want my life to go is up to me, not my past, not my family, not my job…it’s up to my day to day choices. What am I thinking? What am I doing? Where is my heart?

    My flesh and mind don’t run this…my recreated Spirit, my heart, and my renewed mind will take control! I can’t cut myself any slack! No more taking off and putting on and taking off and putting on 👎🏼 I won’t quit quitting! 💪🏼


  9. You never stop taking off the old man, and if you are comfortable continuing in sin as a believer, you might want to check your whole card! 🙂


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