Sunday 10.14.18

Happy Sunday Everyone!! 😇 😇 😇

Of course, we are so excited about church and had a great time in service!! Which service did you attend today? What were some of your take-a-ways? Here’s some of ours!


  • Knowing doesn’t produce freedom, accepting does
  •  My “go to” reveals where my confidence is
  •  Turn what I know into what I live
  • Every moment of time is an investment of my confidence

52 Weeks of Faith

  • Change isn’t change until it’s change
  • Say what God says whether its happening in your life or not
  • Are you going to be an actor or a factor?

I’m going to be determined to speak the Word only!! Change isn’t change until I’m doing the Word instead of only hearing it!! Don’t forget to share some of you “highs” with us!! The best way to grow is together!!🙌 👏


  1. My take away from today was there is no formula, how to book, step by step plan, it doesn’t matter how people you talk to, how many meetings or conferences you attend, or even how many messages you “hear”, only a personal relationship with the Father is your answer! Having one on one time with Him on your own!

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  2. When you love God more than money you will begin to love God with your money.

    Walk out your own salvation…get serious about the Word for YOURSELF! No one can do it for you. It’s funny how closely we will follow and worship people I. The world who are as lost as a goose in a snowstorm but won’t give the Word the attention it deserves in our everyday lives.

    How much further we will go with Word when we pay attention!!!

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  3. I attended first service today and my take away was how I should be doing Faith because I know I should because I believe in the word, not because someone is watching for a minute. My personal relationship with the father has to be my main priority daily.

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  4. Omgeee…I’ve tried posting this three times so I know it’s going to bless someone! lol Honestly, my highs are from serving in PreK for third service. We learned about how Peter bowed up in pride and missed it by cutting the soldiers ear, then when Jesus called him out, he was embarrassed, allowing shame in, which kept him from being bold when asked if he was a disciple…wow! It was all so good and on time for me! Humility keeps shame away! I will be confessing the kids main point, “I refuse shame and choose to be bold!” 💪🏼

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  5. Every moment of my time, is an investment for my confidence -JS
    Am I making good investments?!
    What we do with our time determines the strength of our faith!💪🏼

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  6. Jump Start/I liked it when PC said our freedom happens on the inside then it manifest itself on the outside!Freedom that’s not dependent on my circumstances! Faith/Hearing the Word over and over again ,faith grows in your heart! Believing and speaking the truth of God’s Word will irradicate the things that are wrong in my life ! Like Father like Sons and Daughters! I want to look like and be more like my Father everyday! Jesus died so I could choose not to be my own enemy! Thanks PD for making the WORD the number one thing!!!!!🤗

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  7. Jump Start – self confidence is the wrong confidence. I’m only to put confidence and find my confidence in Him.

    2nd service – if you don’t have someone in your face you get comfortable.

    Romans 4:17- God spoke into Abram’s life and said who he would be by faith! Abram held onto that promise and became who God said he would be. That’s what I will do!

    Life takes work!

    Your self is your worst enemy. I have to get real with myself. I will not keep these issues when He paid for it all!!

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  8. If the Father doesn’t have you, the enemy has you. Who are you spending time with? I choose to spend time with the Father. When we find out who we are in him and how he sees us we will be were we belong.

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  9. 1st service//”If you don’t deal w/you, He can’t!” Am I going to be serious…factor or actor…we choose!

    2nd service//You can’t be lazy and be a successful Christian!!! I really liked how PD encouraged us during this service to be more consistent and adamant about our personal relationship with the Word of God. Even reading the book of John…”if you don’t read the Word, you don’t have a clue” “Reading the bible is the beginning of everything!” soooo good!!!

    3rd service//OMG!! This service was my favorite! Fear and doubt work the same way that faith does…believing and speaking…am I going to be negative or align my words with THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!! There is NO room for negativity!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Romans 4:17 gives me the opportunity to speak correctly even if I don’t believe it initially and I will speak my way into the TRUTH…the WORD is true NOT circumstances and NOT the way I feel!!!
    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything in salvation is received the same way salvation is received…by confession!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    > It’s not what you know but how you work with what you know!!
    > ALL disappointment in life is due to displaced confidence/expectation!
    > EVERY moment of your time is an investment in your confidence!
    > If you hold on to honor then He doesn’t have it!

    1st service:
    > The ONLY thing you have to offer is what you allow the Father to work out through you!

    2nd service:
    > Determine to have feelings that can’t be hurt!
    > You can’t be lazy & be a successful Christian!
    …the outcome of your life is on you….you have no one to blame for what you experience here that is contrary to the Word if you didn’t allow the Word to be the final authority in your LIFE!!! You only experience “life” to the degree you have relationship with “life”, Himself!

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    “Self-Confidence is the opposite of Faith in God” POWERFUL
    “These are not notes to take, these are truths to live” POWERFUL

    I also liked the Dr. Ed Cole quote “change isn’t change until it’s change”
    Before Pastor Dean quoted Dr. Cole he went off about our need to focus on our personal life, to “GET SERIOUS” to “QUIT RELYING ON SOMEONE ELSE” TO GET SERIOUS FOR YOURSELF”
    It was POWERFUL!
    Basically get serious about your relationship with God!
    “Our only answer is a personal relationship with the Father!

    Many people “want” a relationship with God but too many haven’t prioritized it.

    So grateful for Pastor Dean, Pastor Kathy, and the entire chooselife Family!

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  12. Jumpstart// I am in control of my own freedom! Every moment of your time is an investment of your confidence! I really evaluated in my life where all my time goes. All my confidence should be in the Father, otherwise the enemy has me in pride, charisma, dishonor, greed or vanity! You cannot be gracious with people who think they deserve it.

    3rd service// your relationship with the Father should define you! The Fathers things and principles are holy and precious and should not be dispensed around those who don’t care or will mock your faith! I can’t allow negativity in my words but instead align my mouth with The Word because it is truth no matter what the circumstance!

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  13. JumpStart//Rejection can be out loud or it can be just simply ignoring. If you don’t work the WORD into your life, you will not GO TO the Word first! 🙂
    You can’t be gracious when people think they deserve it…Jesus didn’t run after the rich young ruler and give him a place…He said, Sell it all and follow me…You must be void of self!! His grace cannot work in your life, when YOU are working in your life!

    Pastor Kathy-KIDZ CHURCH//God won’t come to my pity party!


  14. 3rd Service/ PD said “what you believe and speak you will have.” Proverbs 18:21 I will continue to speak the Word only because God is not a man that He would lie. God will perform His Word only. I will not live or speak what I feel, see or hear if it’s contrary to the Word. I will speak the Word Only and I shall have it! 😍 Jesus is the Word. ❤️

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  15. 1st service High:
    If your connection isn’t right with Him, your life won’t be right!
    I want my life right so it’s crucial that I stay humble and surrendered and continual relationship with my Father! ALL I KNOW IS I NEED HIM!!

    3rd service high:
    When we allow sin in we open the door for shame and every lie that the enemy brings! KEEP THE DOOR SHUT by being humble and continuing to be BOLD for the truth!

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