DEEP 10.15.18

DEEP was soo good tonight!! I’m so glad I am building my life on a solid foundation of the Word. What were some of your highs from tonight? Here are some of ours:

Life of Honor

  • God has a supernatural life for me and it’s tied to my honor
  •  Where my attention goes my life goes
  •  Things were never designed to bring me satisfaction; satisfaction only comes from Him
  • There is no special anointing to choose life


  •  Hunger triggers my belief
  •  What I give my attention to is what I give my affection to
  • The Word becomes more rich when I honor it
  •  God gives me vision and opportunities only He has the provision for!!


    > Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have!!!!!!!
    > You’re only designed to be completely fulfilled in Him!
    >”want” & “need” produce lack!

    >Once its a revelation, you don’t consider the alternative!
    > It’s all about you being fed the truth of the Word whether you like it or not!
    >>>>>>be intense about your desire to be the best you, you can be!!

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  2. Life of Honor
    *Things were never designed to fulfill. Christ fills all in all. That’s why when we get what we have desired, it’s not all that great. Where our eye goes is where our life will go. When He is my desire, I’ll have no other desire.

    *meditate means to keep what is in you fresh. When God wants you to go somewhere it doesn’t matter how tall the waves are and how hard the wind is blowing, you will get there when you trust in Him.

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  3. I was in DEEP YA😊
    Noah heard Gods voice on the exact deminsions of the Ark and how to build something he didn’t even know what it was. His honor for God was most important and he didn’t have a pastor or the Bible or a youth pastor. He just wanted to hear God and do what he said. All the more that I need to cherish the Bible and His voice! I have more than Noah did but my honor could be better!


  4. Life of Honor/Your appetites affect your attentiveness! Your desire determines your direction! You are either pursuing earthly treasure or heavenly treasure , you can’t pursue two things at once! I want to be more attentive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and know what His desires for me are ,my desires will never satisfy my hunger. Staying in the word of God will always give me a harvest because the word means more to me than anything else! Fully SATISFIED!!!!! Faith/ God’s Word should be what I meditate on all day long!To get what is in out, keep what is in me fresh, to expand my knowledge or revelation! These statements were really huge for me ! Thanks PD!!!

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  5. HONOR –
    * Your things are exposed to the enemy when He is not 1st in your life!
    * You we’re designed in the God-class; material things don’t satisfy!
    * Any time you give your flesh options, you know the event is working on you!
    * When you’re attending to the Word, you’re not attending to other things!
    * Stop believing that your “dirty dog” mind is on your side! You have to WILL to do the will of God!
    * Some things you fast forever…you just don’t go back!

    FAITH –
    * Unbelief is a choice!
    * Your mind will always tell you, “seek an alternative”!
    * “I’m doing good enough” is a trap from the enemy to keep us from living our best life!
    * Faith is visible!


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