Night Life 10.17.18

How was service tonight? We say GREAT, of course!!😇 I’m so thankful for Pastor Dean and his willingness to ALWAYS tell us the truth!❤️ Without the truth, we will never be free; so I don’t know about you but I’m always thankful for the truth!! 🙏

Here was some of our highs from the night:

  •  Luke 6:46-49: Our willingness to dig deep is meant to protect us
  •  Digging deep applies to every area of our lives. Storms come at everybody and they have 3 agendas- to steal, to kill, and to destroy! But those who dig deep will not be affected by the storm!!

We will be believers that dig deep!!!! We want to stand strong no matter what storms come! What are some of yours?! Let’s grow & stand strong together!💪


  1. We were created to be brilliant so it’s not something that should impress you when people are brilliant. Nor should it shake your faith when “brilliant” people say something stupid.

    Becoming a believer and choosing to build your life on a firm foundation doesn’t alleviate the storms coming against you but it does eliminate their destructive power in your life.

    Soooo good!!!


  2. Correct connections provide protection from destruction!
    I must continue to be humble! It’s a journey that will last the rest of my life!
    Ps. 14:1 a fool says in his heart there is no God….I wouldn’t say this with my mouth but do I live my life like he’s not even there? Isn’t that the same thing…


  3. Word picture that really stood out to me: We can let lies take up residency in our hearts which controls how we think or see things and sometimes instead of it just being a “house” we keep thinking on it and talking about it allowing it to fourish so the house ends up looking like this 🏡 with trees and other things.
    We cannot allow our lies to be like this we have to aggressively combat them and tear them down with a bulldozer (the word and the words of our mouth).


  4. I have to dig deep and not just live my own life in my own way and expect God to show up and save the day! I will protect myself by honoring God!


  5. Nightlife//
    Don’t let your heart be deceived! Correct connections provide protection from destruction! To continue to grow I must continue to be humble, this is a journey not a destination👏🏻a lover of Gods instruction will always avoid destruction!

    Youth// if the Word isn’t precious to you, it won’t work for you! You cannot do successful Christianity based on your feelings!


  6. Nightlife/I liked what PD said that when we’re digging Deep it puts us in a position that when the thief does come and he will, I hate it when that happens! Lol! We will stand because we have dug Deep!!! This is staying in His Presense!!!!🙌 Thank you!PD


  7. the right connections, headed in the right direction will keep you from destruction!!!


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