Sunday 10.21.18

Happy Sunday Everyone!!😇😇😇

I’m believing each of you had as great of a day as we did! Of course, if you were at church it was awesome!!! Which services did you attend?

Here are some of our highs from the services:


  • I can’t be a victim and a victor at the same time!!
  • If I refuse to do what I know to do I can’t move forward!
  • When I know who I am signs follow!

2nd Service

  •  Jesus spoke to the fig tree and kept walking! When you are in faith, you speak and keep on walking!! You don’t stop and linger and complain and yell- you speak and keep going!!
  • Grow in confidence in His Word. Because, if I really believe what I say it WILL come to pass!!

Overall, I’m going to be like Jesus and speak to the problem or situation and keep on walking! I won’t act like a victim because as a believer I already have the victory!! My life will reflect that!! We have power in our words but we just have to believe!!

So what were some of your highs from service? What are you going to do with what you heard?😀


  1. “If having my heart was worth the pain
    What joy could You see beyond the grave”
    My high was during worship..
    Jesus knew that what was about to transpire as He was crucified was gonna hurt, no doubt, we can only imagine the torment His soul went through. To have every sin, every sickness & disease in & on His body 😫 yet He chose to LOOK BEYOND all of that. He saw past Himself & like PF was saying, He saw MY face, YOUR face when He was on that cross! Thank You Jesus! I never wanna forget what’s been done for me. He finished, down to the very last detail everything He was called to do. He left NOTHING UNDONE! Everything was covered, so now I walk as a victor!❤️

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  2. Offering//I was so encouraged in my tithe…everything we do is a heart issue!!

    1st service//I really liked 1 Thessalonians 5!!!! Sooo good!! We can’t live our life casually…maintain constant dialog with Him…If I can’t honor and prefer “here”…meaning in church, I can’t “out there”…quit gripping and give thanks…don’t not do what you were told to do!!!

    2nd service//Speaking the truth can never be a lie!! I will demand of myself that I don’t say anything that I don’t want, because I will have what I say!! Where do you start a life of faith: WITH YOUR WORDS!! I will not back log a bunch of trash in my heart!! I will not rehearse the lies of the enemy!! I will talk about what God says and not be casual or lazy!!

    Church was sooo good for me today!! Bottomline: there is no reason to be negative or give in to negative emotions EVER and I will NOT say what He wouldn’t say…Jesus didn’t and He lives in me!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Jump start/If I don’t do what I’m hearing I am in deception! I don’t want to deceive myself by just being a hearer only, but to be a doerer of the Word or the enemy comes immediately to steal it! You can’t be a victim and a victor at the same time, I already have the victory. I want His redemption to the full in me!and to the degree I know who I’am the signs will follow!!!!! 2nd Service / Jesus spoke to the fig tree and it died, we have to speak to those things like the fig tree and say no !faith has to be behind your NO to whatever has no right in my life!then just go on your way Rejoice and give Him Thanks!!!!

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  4. Jump start-it’s not enough to be in agreement with the Word. What am I doing with it???
    1st service-If I’m always talking to him I won’t have crisis!
    2nd service-I have to be serious about this. This is my life-line. If I don’t see it that way it won’t be beneficial to me!
    I am snared by the words of my mouth. What I’m saying is setting me up for that harvest!

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  5. JUMPSTART//James 1:25 went off inside me and reminded me of when PC has taught about the curve of forgetting in the past. It’s so important we review what we’ve heard and not just think we “got it” the first time.

    1st Offering//There’s no greater statement of Faith than giving to someone you can’t see or giving to someone who has no way to repay you. I’m very excited about Operation Christmas Child as well as our support of Mercy Multiplied. I love that we give the Mercy girls Books and a Gift Card. The gift may mean the most to them in the moment but the books by Pastor Dean are truly invaluable.

    1st Service//1 Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing. We should always be in a dialog with our Father God. By doing this we will be able to avoid the “Urgent Conversations” God paid the highest price for us to have fellowship with Him, let’s not “leave Him hanging”

    vs. 20 Despise not prophesyings. I really enjoyed how Pastor broke this down. We should never despise what we hear here. I’m so grateful for the voice of our Pastors but that’s easy to say, I have to go be a doer and that’s when I’m truly grateful!

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  6. Jumpstart// Agreement is the money of God’s kingdom. I only fit one place and it starts with my agreement with the Word! The only way I am going to accomplish God’s plan for my life is by getting in agreement with His Word. Just like a soldier has no wiggle room, we have a part to also be a good soldier and do the Word! It’s not what I know but what I do. Anytime I hear and don’t do then I am self deceived.

    3rd// Growing is something we have to do, not God. You have to be submitted to not consider your own considerations. Jesus was in the Father’s presence 24/7, His life was hid in the Father and He only spoke what the Father told Him to! I will aim to do the same! ❤

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  7. Offering 1st service/ only when your in your place that fulfills you are you able to Allow The Father to fulfill the plan he has for you in your place. I’m so grateful for my place In Chooselife Church! Seriously my places there are vital to me and my growth!

    1st Service/ I really like when Pd mentioned the word Casual! It made me even more aware of how I need to be on myself and CONTINUING in the things of God and growing day by day! HIS THINGS ARE SERIOUS & I NEED TO BE SERIOUS NOT CASUAL!!!

    2nd Kids Church/ Shame is caused by sin! Shame and Sin are partners! Close the door to sin, but if you sin Run to God! DONT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS!!! We are each unique!

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  8. Jump Start//you have to get in agreement with the Word.

    8:45 service//continually give thanks! I can always be more thankful and rejoice in all that the Lord has done for me!!

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  9. Jumpstart//You can’t go before the Father and so you did “ok”! You have to do the Word! Your associations will determine how you embrace who He made you to be!
    1st Service//1 Thessalonians 5!!!! We canNOT live casual christian lives!!
    PK//When you embrace the wrong thoughts, you embrace shame!!

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