DEEP 10.22.18

How was your Monday night? If you were at DEEP I know it was really great!!! Monday nights are the best!! Here are a couple of our favorites from class!


  • If you require the approval, attention, and “satisfaction” that comes from meeting other’s expectations you are in pride
  • If I’m inconvenienced by people I’m inconvenienced by God
  • Performance is giving myself a gold star for spending time with Him
  • Honor ticks religion off
  • What would life look like if the Word got highest honor in yourlife?


  • Don’t put your treasure in stuff that’s gonna burn
  • Put and keep things in proper perspective
  • Be you so He can be everything thru you
  • The Word is who I am
  • The enemy will use your emotions to try and take you out
  • HE is the rewarder; the rewarder of what?! Those who diligently seek HIM! Not my plans or ideas…HIM!

So what were some of your favorites? Share with us!! 🙂


  1. Honor was amazing tonight!! I needed that word from the LORD!! It never feels good to hear something like that because you know you can do better but I am grateful because I never want to allow myself to say or think those things. I definitely never want to be in pride because God resists the proud. Which was one of the first things PD touched on in Faith. God resists the proud which basically means he is indifferent and can’t register what you are doing if you aren’t in Faith and on His level!! His grace can’t cover you if you are in pride or not in faith. Humility and never losing faith by eliminating distractions is the formula. It’s not hard.
    The question that stuck out to me the most is, “What is the driving passion of your life?” More than anything I want it to be Him and what He would have me do. Not my plans.
    Judas said Jesus wasn’t worth the costly perfume. Today people say the word (Jesus) is not worth our time (the past precious thing we have). Times have changed but the enemy’s deception hasn’t. He is crafty but not creative.

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  2. Praise God! Monday nights are always life-changing for me and my family! These are my highs and I will be meditating on them, for sure! 🙌🏼
    HONOR –
    * Our words and issues reveal whether we were putting on a show or in a real relationship with God!
    * Pride lives ignoring the root! I refuse ignorance and embrace His Word!
    * Without root, what are you doing?!
    * You get NO gold star for spending time with the Father; love doesn’t do that!
    * Relationship isn’t looking for what it doesn’t have to do!
    FAITH –
    * Just walk into your destiny, knowing that He’s directing your steps!
    * If you don’t deal with people correctly, they’ll steal your faith!
    * You will always face pressures to keep you from His promises but you have to fight the good fight of faith!
    * Darkness is not content to just invade one room in the house; it wants to take overtake your whole house!

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  3. Honor/This Monday night at Deep was the Best!🤗 If you weren’t setting on the edge of your seat why weren’t you!!!Lol. I really liked what PC said about if you’re inconveniced by people you’re inconveniced by God!That Pride is a Misappropriation of value,whether it be of myself, my Pastors or others. The Father sees His children of great value in His Kingdom, so should we see the value of others especially our Pastors!!!Honor literally ticks off religion!!!! Thank you PC this was so good! Faith/I liked it when PD said that we have what it takes to do the call on our lives, and our stand in life is about not being satisfied with anything less than what Jesus paid for! Abundance!!!!! The Faith fight is not allowing my senses to steal my Authority and my inheritance. This would be the Good fight of faith!!!!! Praise God! Thanks PD for good WORD!!!

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  4. Life of honor:
    Things behind closed doors is really what’s going on!

    Relationship isn’t looking for what it doesn’t have to do!

    How you are is how you see Him!

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow isn’t here; TODAY is the day you workout your salvation!!

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