Night Life 10.24.18

Service was so good tonight!! I’m so thankful for our midweek service!!!🙌

Here are a couple of our favorites from service tonight:

  • When in pride you don’t have access to His grace
  •  Grace isn’t just peace it’s power; power to overcome anything that has kept you bound!!

We have the power!! As believer’s we have no reason to be bound! I’m so thankful for the truth and the freedom it brings!!

So what were some of your highs? What are you going to do with what you heard?

Lets grow together!!!😍


  1. Tonight was amazing!!
    *God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Don’t be a Christian who wants tubs of Grace but remains in pride. He can’t work with that!! Grace is not available to someone who is playing.

    *”repent” means I am going to do everything in my power to never do that again!!
    *When that thing that once held you bound is dead to you is when it counts. Change your thinking and speaking toward that thing about you will have the victory.

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  2. I’m so grateful for the truth! I like how PD talked about not beating around the bush…I want my bush rattled!!
    The Father chastens or corrects those He loves and I want correction so I will grow. I want to be in this for the long haul so that requires my humility and willingness to receive correction from my pastors who love me and then change! True repentance is change and grace gives me the power to change!

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  3. Offering time/ I like when PD said “Your subject to be deceived when you don’t honor & stay connected to Him!”
    My one goal every day is to stay connected to Him! He’s everything & I need Him in my life!! I continue to think where would I be and where would I go without HIM & then without the Word I get here at my church home Chooselife.. ITS SUCH AN HONOR TO ME TO HAVE PASTORS AND LEADERS WHO LOVE ME AND ARE SUCH EXCELLENT EXAMPLES IN MY LIFE OF WHAT IT IS TO BE A DOER OF THE WORD!

    In the message I just really liked how PD said “You can’t do anything of any value without Him!” I don’t want to find myself being soft on myself regarding HIM & HIS WORD-ITS EVERYTHING!! I’m so grateful for THE WORD!!!!!


  4. Offering/I liked this when PD said “When you’re willing to give more then you will always have more.” I’m thankful for a Pastor that keeps my Bush rattled, we don’t need a Cinderella idea of how church should be.PD said those who honor the Father and His Word will exercise humility in their everyday life!Humility promotes, pride destroys! When we’re in pride we don’t have access to Grace! I want to be serious about changing and humble enough to repent then God’s Grace is suffiecent for me.Grace is an empowerer!!! Good WORD PD! Thanks so much😊


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