Sunday 10.28.18

Good Afternoon Everyone!! How was service today? 😇Here are some of our highs from Jumpstart and 2nd service:


  •  Every step into worry is a step into fear which is a step out of love
  •  l have to get into pride before I get into worry
  • Worry is pride because it removes Him from the equation
    • I don’t ever want to remove Him for the equation of my life!!
  • Cast the care to Him and don’t take it back!! Give Him the thought and let Him have it

52 Weeks of Faith

  •  Everything can be handled by accepting responsibility
  •  The woman wasn’t looking for a reward but to honor Him
  • The story of the prodigal son
    • To me that was so powerful. The love of the Father is so genuine; if you fall get back up, if you stumble stand straight; He is always there to forgive when repentance is sincere! And you aren’t just forgiven but restored

Which service did you attend? What were your favs? Let’s grow together!!💪


  1. Jumpstart
    Fit//adjust to be inserted or properly in place
    -Agreement produces!! Your environments and associations are important. Am I stewarding my fit?
    -my list is easy and short… believe only!!

    2nd service
    -There are several different types of faith. Weak, little, great…we all have one!! Don’t assume you have a great faith. Your fruit should speak for you.
    -God can only hear His word. He is faithful to perform it.


  2. I really like PD’s acronym for faith… fixed attitude in the heart! My heart has to be fixed on the Word always!!! I can’t allow myself to think contrary to the Word!

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  3. Jump Start: I liked PC’s 4 steps to casting the care. This is an answer to prayer because I’ve had the conversation with the Father that I want to cast the care but how lol. Thank you Father for helping me to see how today!
    1) cast the care
    2) rejoice in the victory
    3) receive communion-be intentional
    4) receive insight

    3rd service: Those who spend time in the Word will begin to speak the Word.
    Faith in him has to be more real than what I think or what I see.
    When it’s in your heart your brain can’t talk you out of it.
    I don’t figure out how the Word works, I just believe.


  4. I can never hear about the words of my mouth too much! It is definitely one of my favorite topics!!

    1st service//My faith is released through my words. The enemy doesn’t know nothin’ until I open my mouth; that’s where he gets in. I will not move my eyes off of the Word of the Lord, like Peter did. “Looking around” results in little faith.

    I also liked when PD said, “We do what we do not because of the results but because that’s our purpose, to honor Him.” Honestly, that is the highest expression of faith because in all truth, according to the Word the results already belong to us IN CHRIST. So I am not serving Him FOR something, I am serving HIM FROM something. Just like John said, because He loved us we can love Him. Religion performs and looks on the “outward appearance”, but sincere relationship with God, is just that…relationship. It reminds me of that song that Mylon Le Fevre wrote that Elvis made famous…

    “Without Him, I could do nothing. Without Him I’d surely fail. Without Him I would be drifting like a ship without a sail. Without Him I would be dying. Without Him I’d be enslaved. Without Him life would be worthless, but with Jesus thank God I’m saved.”

    He is the result. He is the Word. The Word is enough. Faith doesn’t walk by or consider what it sees anyway!

    2nd service//Salvation is about releasing my life into His hands; otherwise it is probably just mental assent…you have to change; be willing to go in a different direction. The first sign of repentance is coming to yourself about yourself, like the Prodigal Son. This Christian life isn’t about behavior modification but life transformation. Every time I hear the Word and read the Word my desire should be to change. A sincere relationship with Him, His goodness (Romans 2:4), creates a recognition from my heart that He is God and I am not…and I need Him.


    Pastor Charity kicked off JUMPSTART talking about taking no thought in reference to Matt 6. She made a statement “looseness in your thought life will keep your faith small” and it just went off in me so BIG! So often when I truly evaluate myself I’m amazed at all “little” things that aren’t faith at all! Doubt, worry, unbelief, taking thought etc. are SO SUBTLE! The Word makes it so clear what is and what is not FAITH and I’m thankful for Pastor Charity’s teaching and preaching gifts that shine a light on areas I can change. God is so faithful! As a former Melancholy I will no longer be taking thought! LOL

    1st SERVICE
    Pastor Dean made a few spontaneous statements that encouraged me so much! “If He asked you to walk on the water, if He asked you to make a little mud and put it in someones eyes and heal them YOU COULD! Pastor’s point was you don’t do anything until God tells you to but when He does He will be present to confirm your actions with HIS POWER! because it was originated by HIM! not you trying to systematically duplicate the actions of Jesus. To duplicate Jesus is to be led by the Spirit and obey! We discussed honoring God in our finances at the MEN’s conference this past weekend so when Pastor said “Honor God by speaking what He says” it really clicked because there is so much depth to the many ways we can truly Honor God with our life! I made a determination to Honor Him by saying only what He says!


  6. Jumpstart//
    There is a My List and a His List-Im not called to do what is on His list! I am called to do what is on MY List-Honor and Obey Him! Care Produces frustration! I refuse to take on care and give into frustration.
    1st Service//
    The Word obliterates the wrong foundation. When you know that Jesus is, you will be able to walk by Faith, if your first thought is the worlds way…that is where your faith is!
    2nd Service(KIDZ PK)-We must honor God regardless of what others do.


  7. I really liked the whole thing about Peter walking on the water. How come he let himself get so far on the water then decided to take his eyes off of Jesus and looked at the circumstance! Like he had already walked on water. Times in my life when Jesus has already done things for me,why would I let myself be distracted and allow myself to not walk by faith in every moment of my life?! That’s not ok!


  8. 1st Service:
    PD: “What you think, say and do becomes you!1”

    The enemy knows nothing going on in your life until you open your mouth and share it!



  9. Highs//
    Jumpstart- PC said “looseness in your thought life will keep your faith small!” Worry is fear and we have to be humble enough to trust in His care! Your joy always locates your faith, so I have to choose to rejoice and have a good attitude after I’ve casted the care on Him!🙌🏻

    3rd- PD said “faith is simple and automatic, be as much of Him as you can!” The Word has to become a part of me every day, it’s alive! And every thought that comes must be dealt with according to His Word! If His Word says it then that settles it!❤️


  10. Jumpstart/ I really liked it when PC said Your joy always locates your faith and how humility requires faith casting my care on my Heavenly Father!!! If He’s got my care then I’m in His rest! Faith/ My favorite story is about Peter walking on the water,and that PD said Faith in God becomes more than what you see or think! Peter looked back taking his eyes off of Jesus and sank. Sometimes we all do that I know I do , but just as soon as I get back into faith believing and speaking the word He rescues me again! He’s so wonderfully faithful and I’m so glad!!!! Lol! Thanks PD for that reminder!!!


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