DEEP 10.29.18

DEEP was so amazing tonight!! I’m so thankful for Monday nights!!😇

Life of Honor

  • My purpose=slaughter self!
  • When you truly accept whose you are, where you are, and where you are headed you will be a servant; you will know what to do
  • You can always tell where a person is headed by the way they hold what isn’t theres
  • Cry baby Christian=religion
  • Besides Jesus, your most important relationship should be with yourself
  • Look yourself in the mirror and say “I don’t get what I want today”
  • Diligence can only take you so far
  • Other’s honor shows your dishonor

Renewing the Mind

  • I’m in a fight and my biggest enemy is self
  • The mind controls the natural; the heart controls the spiritual
  • Stuff that’s wrong is cheap and worthless
  • This is about my fruit not theirs
  • We’ve become too comfortable with carnal living
  • Smack yourself when you question doing the Word
  • Receiving revelation is for my heart. A quality revelation will become memorization which will create a connection to my heart and mind
  • Re-MIND yourself of the Word

What were some of your take-a-ways from tonight?


  1. Deep was sooooo good! So thankful for Pastors that are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and shoot straight to the point! Here are some of my highs!
    Life of Honor—
    Unbelief is disobedience.
    Disobedience is the fruit of pride.
    Until you do something with something that you believe… you don’t believe it!

    My most important relationship is with myself!
    -when I don’t take care of myself I blame everyone around me.

    The longer you ignore conviction the harder your heart will be.

    Desire is not enough, you have to DO something!!

    Renewing the Mind—
    My mind doesn’t want to do the will of God
    But I have to be in myself like white on rice!
    Good works is what I’ve been created to do!
    It’s about my fruit, not anyone else’s!

    If it’s not on the tree (my tree) then maybe it’s not connected to what it needs to be connected to! (HIM)

    I cannot allow myself to do what I want, or become comfortable with carnal living.

    You receive a revelation for your heart, but it will become a memorization and also a connection between the heart and mind!

    So what do I value the most? You gotta value it before you buy it!

    The revelation is tied to my commitment!!!

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  2. Glory! I’m so thankful for DEEP and our pastors that give us life-changing Word, EVERY TIME! When I got to church tonight, there was a lady looking into the windows of the doors and I asked if I could help, she was wondering what kind of place it was so I gave her as much info as I could before she almost ran off…lol…then I walked in those doors and I thank God that I am no longer on the outside, looking in…I can choose to be ALL IN!

    My highs from honor are:
    * Our soul must be restrained on a daily basis but we should allow free access to the Spirit!
    * In the world, what you see is what you get but if you want to experience the true things of God, you must be hungry and dig deep!
    * Without hunger, humility, and obedience, your soil will not produce a good harvest!
    * “Today, Larrisa, you don’t get what you want!” ❤️

    * Anything outside of God’s Word is wrong, cheap, naked, and short-lived!
    * When I question whether I should be doing something other than spending time in God’s Word, I’ll make sure to slap myself! 👋🏼
    * I’m thankful for PD’s visual of bombarding our brains with the Word…a great word picture!

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    ~My most important relationship is with myself! —> If I’m not right first and foremost with Him and then by the help of Him with self…I’ll NEVER be right with anyone else!!

    ~Disobedience is contrary to honor and produces arrogance which openly says that you find yourself more superior than God….NOT A GOOD PLACE TO OPERATE FROM—There is NO honor in you being God of your life….LET GOD BE GOD!!


    ~we are in a fight and our BIGGEST enemy is self!

    ~A quality revelation will become a memorization that connects heart & intellect & manifests strength and assurance in an area!!

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  4. Honor
    That picture non the board was so helpful. I can’t have the soul barrier open and expect to be dominated by the spirit.
    I want to be good ground but it takes action not mental assent.

    Renewing the mind

    The world is cheap and anything you do apart from God is cheap.
    Meditate on the word!! Put that as a priority above all other activities!! You have to give him space to work in your life.

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  5. Honor/ I really liked what PC said about My purpose is the slaughter of self!!!! So that He can live through me. Besides Jesus, my most important relationship shoulde be with myself! Because His fruit is the only fruit that matters! You cannot be honest and dishonest at the same time! Thank you PC for your PASSION for the Word! I’m so greatful for the truth!!!!♥️ Faith/ l liked what PD said your mind takes you right back to where you were every time just as a dog returns to his vomit!!!! I want to slap myself when my mind thinks it’s in charge. Bringing my thoughts in line with God’s Word ! All our input becomes our output! We’ve become too comfortable with carnel living! When we keep stumbling there’s is no light of the word!!!! Thank you PD this was such a good word!!!!!

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