Worship Night 10.31.18

How amazing was tonight?! I’m so thankful for our church and the opportunity we have to come together and really worship together!🙌

Tonight, when PD was talking about worship and he said the better I connect with Him in worship, the better I will hear the Word, it made me realize even more the value of true worship! It is so powerful!! It changes everything!!

What was your favorite part of the service? Was it something PD shared? Something that happened during worship? Communion? Let us know! We ❤️ to hear from you!!


  1. Tonight’s service was amazing! I liked how PD shared that my raise stills the enemy and quiets the avenger. In singing and shouting I can’t simultaneously by griping and anything else! So grateful for our amazing team of gifted musicians and singers!!! I ♥️ My church!!!!

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  2. Tonight was amazing!! I am so thankful for chooselife CHURCH and my pastors!
    PD said “your voice filled with humility and faith honors the Father!” Worship is all about you honoring God and loving Him for who He is and thanking Him for what He has done! It’s from the heart❤️

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  3. Last night was great! Singing, praising and worshipping our heavenly Father is such an honor. I like how PD pointed out that if you are uncomfortable praising, lifting hands during worship then just start doing it as a sacrifice of praise. I was once there and I couldn’t understand how or why people were so joyful singing to the Lord but Now! Wow, I sing to Him all the time. During worship is my time to consume His love and let the Father know how grateful I am to know Him. How grateful I am for Jesus and that we now have the Holy Spirit residing in us is so grateful. Thank you Lord for your love. Thank you that we are never alone. Thank you that we carry wisdom in us. Hallelujah!!! 😍 What a love … ❤️❤️❤️

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  4. The Worship Service was so amazingly beautiful! I’m so grateful for our Worship team and I was especially excited when PD said God created music , I believe He created it so we could experience heaven on earth as we worshiped and praised Him!!!!! Realizing the closer we get to Him the more you want and the better our life gets! Worship is Praise ,and Praise is Worship when it’s from the heart! I’m so thankful for our Pastors!!!

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