Sunday 11.4.18

Happy Sunday everyone!!! I’m believing it was a great day for all!❤️ After all, if you were at church, it definitely should have been!! 😇 Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • I can’t dispense my confidence in places other than Him and expect to be stable!
  • I will be accountable for how I followed the plan He has for my life! And no excuses stand!
  • Every step in worry is a step in fear
  • The perspective of worry will keep me from the answers I seek
  • I can’t consider their faces. His is the only one I seek

52 Weeks of Faith- 2nd Service

  • This is not about need but understanding seed
  • Everything I do is by faith; whether spiritual faith or natural
  • It’s a bad place to be when I’m moved or dependent by what people say/think about me
  • Looking like the Master should be ALL of our goals, ALL of the time!!!
  • God only recognized HIS promise/plan; Isaac, your ONLY son
  • I have to get out of feelings and stay in faith!

I’m going to get a small mirror and carry it with me to remind myself like PD said, of who I’m dealing with! My issues are on me; my attitude is on me, my demeanor is on me!!

So which service did you attend? What are you going to do with what you heard?! 💪😃


  1. Jump start – when I’m tempted to help or take care: 1) pray in the Holy Spirit 2) serve others 3) consider the state of my flock. I need to do what He’s told me to do and not consider anything else.

    I also like how PC talked about making a memorial of the Word.

    3rd – when I got saved it’s not just fire insurance. There is supposed to be change. I should willingly work with Him by doing what He says in order to reflect the gift. I’m not earning this.

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  2. I am so thankful for the truth that inspires and encourages me that there is always more…more growth, more light, more correction needed in order to continue to mature into the image of Jesus…my destiny!!

    1st service//My devotion to Him makes me insensitive to how I seem to other people.
    Faith gets i our mouth from our heart and ignites us to want to be like Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Part of doing good works is not doing bad works!! love that!!

    2nd service//Connection with Him carries responsibility.
    The Word will insulate you; it will encapsulate you in peace!!
    You cannot have faith in God w/out corresponding action.
    Change isn’t change until it is change!!

    I will look in the mirror and be reminded…that I am my only problem…I will choose life one day at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. We had some amazing church!!!
    Stay in your lane!! Cast the care and rejoice in the victory.
    I will never be an adult in God’s perspective. Always be His child.
    Stop worrying about solving the world’s problems when your own yard is full of weeds.
    Kids can’t provide for their family but they can learn their ABC’s. Just do what He has asked you to do or what He has given you to steward and He can handle the rest.

    2nd service//
    James 2:14 in the SV was so good. My fruit should change if I am in faith!! If not, I am being religious.
    If you don’t have sincere devotion to the Father, you will never enjoy promotion.
    He is not your “go-to” but your “stay-with”, the “shot caller”!!
    The Word (Jesus) doesn’t bring peace but divides and cuts away like any good sword would do!!! (Matthew 10:33)

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  4. 1st Service
    What was done spiritually should be reflected naturally! If it is not being reflected naturally you are not identifying with what was done!

    2nd Service
    If there is no action to what you say you believe then you don’t really believe it!

    Also, when PD said, He is not my go to, but my stay with! This encourages me to stay connected to the Vine!

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  5. Highs//

    Jumpstart: I received a revelation on how to not try to help God and I’m seeing more and more how worrying is so detrimental. I really liked the 3 points PC told us what to do instead:
    1) determine to grow, pray in the Holy Spirit. I am always a child to Him! Worry steals your spiritual growth!
    2) ask yourself who can I help? Serve and add value to someone else’s life!
    3)Consider the state of your flocks! We shouldn’t be worried about things that God isn’t holding us accountable for. I have to be a good steward of what I have.

    1st: PD said “Don’t blame others for your deficiencies, allow God to be your sufficiency! It’s up to me, I choose! When he said “who are we if we aren’t different?”, it really encouraged me that my life isn’t going to look the same and that’s a good thing!!❤️ My works are the fruit of salvation, not the root of salvation! I will to take up my cross daily and count my past as dung!🙌🏻

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  6. 2nd service Offering/ HONOR THE LORD with your substance! A connection with HIM carries a responsibilities. DO WHAT HIS WORD SAYS!

    2nd service/ Growing is up to me! DO NOT DO NOT GET COMFORTABLE! I determine how far I’ll go! It don’t make a difference what people think or say about you! WE DONT RELY ON ANYONE BUT GOD! He’s my go to! I want to stay sincere and devoted to HIM! He already did it all for me!!!!! I NEED HIM!!!! THERES MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. Jumpstart / I like what PC said , to be worried is to be prideful, it is to look at my life and remove Him from the equation! Your eye has to be single to look at certain things and not other things!!!!! Gosh,I only want to keep my eyes fixed on Him ,keeping Him in His lane and me in my lane!!!🤗 Faith1st/ I really like it when PD says Life takes time! Bible Believing starts the Doing Rolling!The Word will keep the fire burning in our life ! I’am the deficient one, it is up to me to keep my mind on His things transformed by the Word everyday for He is my Sufficiency! I have only ONE Source!!Jesus!!!!! Thanks PD for the Word today!!!!

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  8. JumpStart:
    Every step in worry, is a step into fear. And in fears’ territory(out of love territory) we are unable to operate in faith, we are defenseless, we are left vulnerable.

    1st service: “Faith doesn’t deny what is – it declares what should be”💪🏼
    No matter what’s going on around us, or even in our own body, we have to choose to boldly declare The Word only!

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    > Insecurity comes when you place your confidence in something other than God’s Word!
    >If you’re not in the right place in your head, you won’t be right anywhere else.
    > you should be living a life of ease!!

    > Expect correction so long as you’re receptive!
    >until you’re right spiritually, you’ll never be right naturally!

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