DEEP 11.5.18

DEEP was soo good tonight!! I’m so thankful to get to come to church on Monday nights and study the Word!!🤓 Here are some of our highlights from Renewing the Mind and Christian Lifestyles!

Renewing the Mind

  •  He can be RIGHT HERE but me not be near
  • A selfish mind is a distracted mind
  • You can’t move forward in the plan of God when you are thinking about yourself
  • A renewed mind takes on the mind of its Master
  • If I don’t change my mind I’ll never change my habits and addictions

Christian Lifestyles

  • Does my life show evidence I’m a Christian? If someone followed me around for a day would I lead them to Jesus or astray?
  • The Word is my Lord
  • I am fully equipped to live an overcoming life
  • The Word is boundaries
  • My lifestyle should not be a stumbling block to other believers or the lost

What were some things that stood out to you tonight? How are you going to apply what you heard to your life?




  1. Renewing the Mind
    A selfish mind is a distracted mind!!!
    The word has to be your new language

    Christian lifestyles
    Are you leading people to Jesus or astray?
    Your “want to’s” have to change once you’re saved!!
    You can’t look and sound like everyone else. You are set apart!!

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  2. Renewed Mind/ If you don’t renew your mind in the Word, you’ll never know how unique and valuable you are! If you can’t be who Hes called you to be, you’ll never be very good at what He’s called you to do!!!!! Christian Lifestyle/ Does my life show enough evidence of what a Christian is to be? The Word has boundaries ! I’am fully equipped for the abundant life He has paid for me to have! Not to be a stumbling block to believers or the lost!!!!!! Thanks PK this was so good !!!!🙌

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  3. Christian Lifestyle
    -It’s up to me, how far I want to go with GoD!!
    -We are to be seperate-be different!
    -I’m above the circumstances- I am seated in heavenly places!💪🏼

    Renewing The Mind
    -We have to have the right attitude-like a child
    -When your mind is focused-you’re in position!
    -Those who remain or continue to rely on GoDs Word for their direction in life-will experience the FREEDOM & VICTORY that belongs to them as His kids❤️
    -Thinking selfishly leads to a life of pride & insecurity!
    —I am nothing but a vessel-the emptier I am of self-the more of Him that can fill me❤️
    -How much you grow & mature as a Christian will be determined by how much you renew your mind!!
    -Understand your UNIQUENESS! There’s no one quite like you😃

    How crucial it is to renew your mind, to shift your thinking as necessary. Samson as well as others missed out on what The Father had for them as well as their mission, because of what they chose to think on. Renewing the mind is a moment by moment thing!☝🏼

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