Night Life 11.7.18

How amazing was service tonight!! It was the best addition to a perfect fall day!!🍁🍂

What were some things in tonight’s message that really spoke to you?! Here are some of ours:

  •  He did what I couldn’t but He won’t do what I’m supposed to do
  •  Jesus’ example of humility is all I need to see!
  •  Sin had to be put on Him so righteousness could be put on me

We 😍 hearing how you are applying what you heard to your life; so share your highs from the message with us! Let’s grow together!!💪😀


  1. True humility is to be a doer of the Word!

    He will honor me when I first honor Him and give Him something to work with.

    Jesus made Himself of NO reputation! I will follow suit!

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  2. Sin was put on Him so righteousness could be out on me 🙌🏻
    Jesus is the only example we need. Don’t look around.
    You have to choose life for yourself!!!

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  3. My best highs from this great fall service! *Gods life is Life any other life is compromise and deception! *The time is at hand not to be playing but to be taking time in His WORD ! *True humility sets aside personal preference to prefer the Fathers!!! Thanks PD!!!

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  4. The life you choose will be the life you have. We are in charge of our destiny! No excuses, we should honor the Word enough to spend time with it and do it!

    In humility and hunger for change comes deliverance from pride!

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  5. > you make time for what you love!!
    —–Does He have any of your time?

    > where your life goes is on you!—TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!!
    —-Don’t be upset/disappointed by the life you have if you’re unwilling to take the steps necessary to change it!!!

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