Sunday 11.11.18

It is so good to be Sunday!!🎉 Church and cold weather, this is perfect!!!😃❄️

So, how was your Sunday? Here are our highs from some of today’s services:


  • No one can make you feel insecure but you. Don’t allow people to have more power and say in your life than God and His Word!
  • When the enemy gets me in my feelings he can defeat me; when I keep him in the Spirit he can’t!!
  • Worry is negative emotion!
  • Jesus is the example and leader in ALL THINGS; if He did it, so should I!
  • Honor the system, honor the order

2nd Service

  • Anything outside of Him is a mirage!
  • He will enhance EVERYTHING I do!
  • Feelings will negate my faith!
  • If He’s not acknowledged, He’s not assessable!
  • It doesn’t matter who’s in the office when God is on the throne!!
  • We don’t have a government problem we have a church problem!

So, what services did you attend? What were your take-a-ways? When we share together, we can grow together and be the influence PD was talking about; by simply being a man or woman of God! ❤️


  1. JUMPSTART> You’re defeat-able in your feelings but NOT in the spirit!!
    1ST SERVICE> If you can do it on your own, faith isn’t needed!!
    > If you actually believed God’s Word, you’d be doing better!!

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  2. Jump start-faith has nothing to do with your feelings. It is a spiritual not a soulish force.
    Loose thoughts show up in our emotions.

    1st service//God is where He is acknowledged!!! God has never met a challenge He hasn’t overcome. Anything other than faith draws me away from Him.

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  3. I think overall today I was so encouraged by the fact that we are vulnerable to being distracted by what is going on around us and unless we are intentionally focused on Him, we won’t be.

    1st service//Having faith in God will keep me from having to worry about alot of nonsense; trying to acquire what already belongs to me
    The Father’s cry would be that I would care about others more than I care about myself.
    Jesus’ purpose should be my purpose.
    Little faith=taking thought
    Every one of us, wherever we are, should be on FIRE burning for Him.

    2nd service//He is my life; it all revolves around Him.
    Nothing is more important than my assignment from Him.
    I choose to be sensitive to Him so He can speak and live through me!

    Matthew 6:24-34 are some of my favorite verses and every time I hear them preached I know I go farther in HIs kingdom; so grateful for my Pastor and my church 🙂

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  4. 3rd Service

    *Life is about leading others into a saving knowledge of Christ.

    You don’t “win somebody to the Lord” Unless the Spirit of God draws them… (it ain’t gonna happen)

    *He doesn’t have different promises for different people.

    If they’re in there, they’re mine!

    * Our Faith doesn’t have to be used on stuff He’s already given us.

    *If He did it, He did it for me!

    *We’re disciples, we’re supposed to be disciplined ones!

    Great service!

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  5. PD 2nd service
    It doesn’t matter who is in office if He is on the throne. That just went off for me yesterday!! The first half of the statement can be changed out with any issue in my life…finances, drama, whatever! If I put Him in His place in my life, nothing else matters!!!

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  6. Just be a reflection of the Father. Jesus is my example.

    I can’t allow myself to take thought about anything. Just love God and do what he has told me to do and I will have all that I need.

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  7. Highs//

    In Jumpstart: PC said “Your emotions will always take you inward and selfish”. I can’t relate to God through my feelings but through truth and spirit! He’s not made to order, I have to obey Him and make Him my leader in all things! If Jesus did it, then I do it!❤️

    1st service: PD said “The Fathers cry is that we care about those who don’t know what we know!” We have truth and life in Him. Most people around us don’t know what we know. We seriously have to not pursue mammon in our own life and instead let Him be our life and not withhold our salt. We cannot serve God and mammon (anything else). He wants to be our Daddy!

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  8. Jumpstart/ Faith is the currency of the kingdom! He must become my example in all things! If I love Him !how obedient am’I? 1st/ Stop looking around, I’am to find my identity in Him and embrace His things walking by faith putting everything else in its place! His purpose should be our purpose , The Church!!!!

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