DEEP 11.12.18

How good was DEEP tonight?! WOW, right?! There was soooo much to get out of each lesson! I really appreciated PD’s “conviction alarm”! I’m pretty sure everyone who was paying attention was awoken by it!!

From Christian Lifestyles:

  • Belly is a storage place for everything! What is my belly filled with, good or evil?
  • Overeating- Eat to live, don’t live to eat
  • Media- Matthew 6:33- what am I really focusing on?
  • Workaholic – Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you about you and your motives
  • Drinking- As a born-again believer, there are standards for what you take in your physical body
  • Friendships- If you hang around people who call evil good, your life will be evil
  • Pleasure- Don’t let worldly pleasures consume you
  • Drugs- They are sense robbers!!
  • Porn- Guard your eyes!!

From Confession:

  • “Do you want that to come to pass?” THEN QUIT SAYING IT!
  • The better I “say” the quicker I receive
  • Respond don’t react
  • We are called to dominate our world with our words
  • Jesus said “shhhh”. He knew who He was and knew the power He had. We need to know who we are and the power we have!
  • We have power we aren’t using because we are speaking wrong things

Probably my favorite thing from tonight is when Pastor Kathy said you call the dog even though you don’t see the dog. You keep calling its name even if you can’t see it in the yard expecting it will come. So why don’t you call the other things in your world that you can’t see yet and expect them to come also? Sooo good!

So what were your highs from tonight? What were the things that rang your “conviction alarm”?!


  1. Christian Lifestyles
    -boundaries and definite lines are necessary in every area of our lives and we can’t water it down! We are the church and our families have to face these things head on and not be embarrassed about discussing all the topics we covered. So grateful for each one. I plan to put down my phone more and pick up Bible!!

    -our lives should reflect improvement and if not what are we saying?!
    You can’t I welcome negative thoughts with thoughts but your words! Cast them down!! This is our inheritance! It belongs to me! I will be held accountable for every careless word I have spoken!!

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  2. Christian Lifestyles/ Put your phone down and pick up your Bible making the Word of God your Best friend instead of media! Unruly friendships lead to an unruly life! If you hang around with people who call evil good your life will look like theirs ,evil ! Confession / If you’re not speaking the word , you’re speaking devil talk! We are to be people of order , God is a God of order! We are called to dominate with our words we are to be speaking spirits! Jesus said It is Written God wants us to copy Him saying It is Written speak the Word only! Thanks PK Great Word !🤗

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