Night Life 11.14.18

Service was so great tonight!! I’m so thankful for our Pastor and the truth he brings; without it we could never be free!! Here are a couple truths from tonight that really stood out: 🙌

  • Pride is the epitome of self deception because it began with Satan and makes you think you’re bigger and better than everyone else
  • Humility puts you in a position to know how valuable you are and that willingness to submit puts you in a position to be successful in all you do

So, what truth did you hear that stood out to you? What were your take-a-ways? emoji request


  1. Tonight’s Service was amazing!! During the second song in praise and worship God spoke to me and told me to lay all my weakness’s and sickness on him and let everyone that I may come into contact with to do the same And we know this from his word that no matter what we are facing he is bigger than anything that the world or others can do or say to us. By His Stripes we are healed in the Name Of Jesus. Thank you Pastor Dean for the word from the Lord tonight.

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  2. The only way up is down!! Humility!! God brings promotion. There iS nothing I can do besides being obedient to the Word. Pride started with the enemy. Don’t act like him. Satan was an angel made in perfection but his perspective of himself became greater than the Creator who created him. This took place in his own mind. Guard your thoughts!!

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  3. Yesss! I’m so thankful that I get to attend Night Life every week! These are my highs:
    * In the Kingdom of God, down (humility) is up (heavenly position)!
    * Don’t ever quit or give up because you may miss a “BUT GOD” moment!
    * Humility puts us where the devil got it wrong (aka high places)!
    * Being led by the Spirit of God keeps me in a position of humility!
    * Life is full of land mines designed to at the least, blow you off course, and at the worst, take you out! Don’t be deceived!
    * If JESUS could be humble and obedient, so can I!

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  4. Nightlife highs// Jesus didn’t act the way He did because He was Jesus, but because He was submitted to His Father and He was a doer of the Word! In the kingdom of God the way up is down! Pride ALWAYS leads to destruction!!! Disobedience to His Word is pride.
    Great message PD!❤️

    Youth highs// PC said “until you see yourself as a salve, you will never be treated as a friend! You can always tell how someone is spiritually by how they serve.” So good!

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  5. I can only access the things God has for me through humility to be victorious in every area of my life! Thank you PD for always bringing the truth to us every service it just makes me better!!🙌

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