Sunday 11.18.18

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!😇😇😇

I’m believing all of you had a great day today and a great start to Thanksgiving week!! Yay! This is the best time of year!!❄️

Here are a couple of our take-a-ways from service:


  • Faith is systematic not emotional. It is a spiritual force, not soulish
  • There is a man in the Godhead! JESUS!
  • Discipline is doing what I know to do when I don’t want to.
  • Confusion, anxiety, and fear = I”M NOT FOLLOWING HIM!

2nd Service

  • What I sow is gonna show
  •  Who I run with will end up defining who I am
  • Crave- a desire that you have; PASSION
  • The further you get away the harder it will be because you’ll no longer have the craving
  • You can’t think like God when your cravings are wrong!

Which service(s) did you attend? What were your take-a-ways from the message?


  1. 1st Service-
    Walking by faith is living for God full time! Also, one of my favorite quotes from PD, “Jesus didn’t come for date, but a bride”! The Holy Spirit helped me to see that this is a commited relationship and that there is a difference between being a date and being a bride.

    2nd Service-
    When PD said, “How you think will direct how you feel and act. The Holy Spirit put it like this to me, If you are not feeling right or acting right then you are not thinking right. He said that thinking right is the ring leader to your feelings and actions! This made me think of friendships in school when you have the ring leader and the two friends who follow along and do whatever the leader says and just agrees. My thinking is the leader and it is a big deal!

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    Discipline is doing what you know to do when you don’t want to do it…NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!

    1st service:
    “walking by faith is living for God full time!!”

    lack of submission is a lack in understanding of His love!

    2nd service:
    if you’re going to be successful you have to hate sin!

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  3. Jump start// discipline is doing what you’re supposed to do when you don’t want to do it!
    3rd service// in order to have it I have to want it. I have to crave for the right things. When I crave I will be filled.

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  4. I really liked everything about 1st service!!

    I like Matthew 5:6 when PD said it is a familiar verse, but sometimes that is the problem; we allow things to be familiar. I like the definition of these two words from that verse: hunger//to crave; and the definition of righteousness//integrity, honesty, virtue, purity of life, correct feeling, thinking and acting…

    PD said it is one thing to be righteous and another thing to reflect righteousness. He said, if I don’t crave the right thing I won’t have the right life.

    This week I am going to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to me what it is that I crave…like the things that the enemy would try to use to compete with my focus on HIm. I had a few things that I thought of immediately but I really want to allow Him to reveal those things to me. Craving righteousness…acting, thinking and feeling correctly allows His blessing to manifest. I will not subtly be stolen from by the enemy because my appetites deviate from their main focus even subconsciously.

    I like when PD said that walking by faith isn’t picking and choosing what I “want” but hearing from Him to do what I may not have even thought about…me spending time at the table with Him. I love that…I JUST WANT HIM.

    “Oh, that my people would know you have to be still long enough to be sure it is Him.”

    Psalm 1:2 (SV) OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will get my craver in the right spot! Hallelujah!! LOVE CHURCH 🙂

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  5. Jumpstart//Relationship is progressive! Jesus is my savior, but must become my example and my leader! I don’t do greater works outside of Him!!
    1st Service//Ohhhhh that the people of God would know!! I don’t pick and choose what I want out of the Word and keep growing! Jesus came for a bride not a date!!
    2nd Service PK KIDZ//You are good stuff! When you read the word and do it, you will push back the enemy!

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  6. Jumpstart

    In everything examine who my leader and example is. Who am I following at all times?

    When I follow Him, I do not fear.

    2nd service
    Don’t let your thoughts and feelings stop being checked. Don’t get so far down a road that you don’t care. Take authority!!!

    Walking in faith is living for God full-time!!

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  7. Faith is systematic not emotional. It should be easy to walk by faith because it’s a system not how I am feeling at the time.
    As I do this I put my emotions in check.

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  8. Jumpstart: PC said “what I’m called to do is not impossible!! Everything that Jesus did I am responsible for!” He has to be more than just my Savior, I must know Him as my Shepherd❤️ you don’t follow through your emotions, this isn’t about how I feel, but I should be disciplined and pray in the Spirit! He will show me my boundaries!

    1st: PD said “stewardship is what God promotes! Your hunger will produce the proper direction for your life! When hunger is for the wrong things, either naturally or spiritually, the results will be likewise!” He is the only worth seeking diligently!!🙌🏻

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  9. Jumpstart/ when you’re in fear you won’t do what you’re called to do! There’s a place of still when I follow Him! Signs follow those who allow Him to be their Shepherd!!! 1st Service /It’s one thing to know righteousness and another to reflect righteousness! Faith is not an option after the adoption! He is the Highway the original way for me and it’s not crowded!!!!!🙌

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