DEEP 11.19.18

DEEP was sooo good tonight!!! It was the perfect way to start Thanksgiving week; studying the Word!!!🤓 Here are some of our take-a-ways from each class!

Christian Lifestyles

  • I become what my thoughts are
  • There is only ONE truth: JESUS
  • Shut out anything contrary to the Word
  • Flesh handled incorrectly will destroy itself
  • Don’t just be insistent but resistant to the things you used to listen to


  • The enemy wants to trap you; he does it through your words
  • When you speak doubt you loose the devil to work against you
  • When you open the door to the enemy, how many “buddies” are coming in with him
  • I were- IT’S A DONE DEAL!!
  • Your faith will NEVER rise above the level of your confession

So, what were your take-a-ways from tonight?

PS. Don’t forget to listen to the Simple Truth on Thanksgiving by Pastor Kathy ❤️🍁


  1. DEEP was awesome tonight!!

    Christian Lifestyles
    Mental discipline will help you live a long life and one free of mental illness!!
    There is personal responsibility in the life you are currently leading. What you think about and dwell on becomes your world.

    The enemy can’t do anything without your permission. Stop being loose with your words.
    You above the time and you have to make time for the Word.

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    If you’re having direction issues, you stopped paying attention to the director!

    if it’s in your thought life it’s going to come out of your mouth!!

    what you constantly water, will grow!!


    Your words reveal your walk!!

    Divorce yourself from your mind & just do it!!!

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  3. Christian Lifestyles/ No one can choose your thoughts but you,you have the power to choose Life in the mental realm! God gives us the answers to everything ! How you think is really how you are! Words/It’s up to me to retain the word! The devil hates the word he knows the word, so speak the Word only he will run in stork terror!!!!!!

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