Night Life 11.20.18

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!!!🦃 We are believing with y’all for an amazing Thursday!!

Service, as always, was soo amazing tonight!! Here are some of our favorite things:

  • See the Word as valuable in your everyday life. It has application to every relationship, your job, your finances, everything!
  • The doers of the Word will be blessed
  • You can’t say you love Him and not DO anything with the Word

Soo, what were yours? How are you going to apply what you heard to your life!!

Remember, there is still time to listen to Pastor Kathy’s Simple Truth Thanksgiving, available on the app!!


  1. I really needed to hear what Pastor Dean said tonight. I know I have to make a decision to honor Him and His Word more than I have been doing! I need to get serious about His things. I can’t allow anything to make me lose my focus and lead me away from where I know I need to be.

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    1. Praise God!!! Yes!
      The message is up on the app, I encourage you to re-listen over and over since it was really impactful for you!!❤️


  2. When I hear the Word and then don’t do it I am rejecting what His Word has to offer…I am rejecting Him! Honoring God and loving God is doing His Word. I will be a doer of the Word and not a hearer only.

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  3. I’m thankful for the Word of God that comes from our lovingly real pastors, this season and every season! Here are some of my highs:
    * Everything of value starts in the Spirit!
    * How much of what God provided for me do I want?
    * The “greater works” includes the work we do on ourselves!
    * Freedom is a heart issue!
    * His Word must be bigger to me than what’s going on around me, IF I want what’s going on around me to change!
    * If the Word of God isn’t #1 in my life, what is?
    * The future doesn’t have to be like the past!
    * Looking for promotion? Exalt the Word of God!

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  4. Night Life / If I’m not on top of my game with Him, I can’t help anyone else! I want be able to help others as only He directs me hearing what He says and telling me what to do!!!!! If we don’t do the Word not just being hearers only we’re in pride ! Truth is full of freedom and joy!!! I really liked this!

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  5. Nightlife highs:
    You can’t say you love Him and you don’t love yourself enough to do what He’s called you to do! Only the Doers will experience an abundant life!

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