Sunday 11.25.18

Happy Sunday Everyone!!! We are believing y’all had an amazing Thanksgiving, but it is sooo good to be back at church and with church family!!❤️ Here are a couple of our highs from today’s services:


  • Inconsistencies come from living in the soul
  • Even if I don’t “feel it”, get up and do it!!
  • Emotional relationships never progress
  • Disassociate with carnal and you will find yourself more spiritual
  • I am irreplaceable, but I can be replaced

2nd Service

  • Grace: God’s/Righteousness, rights, rewards, resources/At/Christ’s/Expense
  • All the enemy has is deception
  • Don’t give the enemy or your body the chance to tell you how things should be
  • He has provision for every area of our life
  • God rewards those who DILIGENTLY seek Him!
  • He paid for everyone but unfortunately not everyone will show up

So what were your highs from today’s services? Share them below!!😇


  1. This was a sweet Sunday for sure!!

    Jumpstart// PC said “Any inconsistencies come from not walking in the spirit!” My spiritual routines must be a priority, no matter what it feels like! Don’t succumb to your own flesh! Fruit always will follow! I want to look at things more the way He does and give up my terms!

    1st service// I really like first service!!! PD said “The Word will reveal stuff in your heart.” Just like David asked God to cleanse Him from his secret faults, I want to expose myself to the Word so that I can see anything in me that isn’t right. Whatever He has called me to do, He will supply for me! You will only know your calling by having a relationship with Him one step at a time and one day at a time.

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  2. So many sweet things to talk about today! 😊 Here are some of my highs!
    * Without humility, there is no understanding!
    * Ministry is not a numbers thing, it’s a heart thing!
    * The soul will always ask, “What about me?”
    1st Service:
    * You’re either progressing or regressing! – which made me think of Matthew 12:30 when Jesus said, “You’re either with me or against me/You’re either gathering or scattering” – There’s no grey in the Word!
    * The more you know Him, the less you care about the details!
    2nd Service:
    * Be so closely following JESUS that if He stopped suddenly, you’d run right into Him! Lol Great Word picture!
    * I can’t work on me if I’m too busy trying to be somebody else!
    3rd Service (PreK):
    * The Word of God in my mouth puts the devil in his place…below my feet!

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  3. My fave part of today’s services was in 1st service when PD said “The word is your transplant”. The word can remove and expose things in your life that are causing you harm. We have to put it to work but that was such an awesome word picture for me. The word does all of this with no sutures!! No scars, just gets it out of your way. The only thing is, WE are our own surgeons. We have to study to show ourselves approved and know the word. Then we have to execute what God already paid for EVERYDAY!! Daily removal of something. Daily choice to go a little deeper. We are always improving or digressing. I want to keep cutting away!!

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  4. I had so many favorites from today that I will determine to mediate on this week. I really liked the embellishment on GRACE during the offering in both services that I was in. God did His part through Jesus and my part is to receive His righteousness, rights, rewards, and resources by FAITH! It is mine and it has been paid for!!! Hallelujah!!

    1st service//When faith speaks the Word, the Word comes alive! The Word has to have a voice; it will operate on me! Like Hebrews 4:12 says, it will cut things out of my life that do not belong. Following Him means there should be progress in my life. I like when PD said not to expect the Father to be impressed with obedience…doing what I am supposed to do shouldn’t be celebrated, but I am just glad to do it.

    2nd service//My vocation is serving Him. A heart for Him is a heart for others.

    I will give voice to the Word, not what I feel or see. I will allow the love I have for Him to BE SEEN in how I treat those around me and how I serve Him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. Let’s do this!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

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    PC was talking about Faith being systematic it really went off inside me because Faith is systematic not automatic. God has methods and when we do things His way we get results every time! The enemy is always trying to get us to reason because if he can get us out of the spirit and into our soul he knows that’s where he can beat us. I really like how PC clarified just because we have spiritual routines doesn’t mean it’s religion, it’s a matter of the heart!

    I also really liked it when she said “Fiery darts are heading your way” When she said it that way I associated it with PD always reminding us in this life we’ll face pressure and thought to myself when are we going to stop taking it personally. The devil has always been throwing rocks, we need to quit crying about it and do something about it.

    1st Service:
    Offering was powerful! I enjoy being reminded over and over and over that God has already done everything. It’s really starting to sink in LOL!

    I also liked it when Pastor said “the only place we get guaranteed success is from the Word.”
    Have you ever noticed how they’re always trying to sell you an extended warranty for your new TV or for that toy you bought you nephew? I always thing to myself what are the chances this toy is going to malfunction over the next 2 years and then I think…. what are the chances I’m even going to be able to find this extended warranty and receipt if something were to happen LOL Toys break, that plans of man fail, but the Word of God is sure!

    When I was teaching the 6-8th graders during second we were talking about being a doer of the Word and not hearers only and it reminded me of something Pastor said during 1st about allowing the Word to cut things away. If I take copious notes they are worthless if I don’t change. Notes are great if we look back over them and meditate on what the Spirit of God speaks to us. It’s like PD always tells us change isn’t change until it’s change!

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  6. Jumpstart/PC/Inconcistencies are a result of being tied up in the soul! There is no one to blame but me for insconstencies in my attitude or health! I must come or make progress towards the Father! I also really liked the definition of Rest-Authority and The Holy Spirit! I will use my REST today as I DO HIS THINGS!!!
    1st Service/PD/Who has time to figure out God? I can’t allow myself to waste time speaking what doesn’t matter! I will speak the Word! It is FULL!!
    2nd Service/PK/God has a plan for my life…the enemy wants me to follow his plan…I must decide one day at a time to follow His plan! I will be STRONG in the LORD and the power of HIS MIGHT!

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  7. I really liked all the GRACE acronyms. Sometimes I can start to allow myself to be pulled in by the world’s standards for living financially. I have to shake them off and just realize all the things I have received only because I am obedient to God and he has given me the desires of my heart. I didn’t have to work for them.

    When PD was talking about the seed and all that’s in the seed I started to be thankful for all I have because a lot that I have I didn’t have to work for. I was just blessed and most of it I could never get on my own but only because of what Jesus has done for me.

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  8. Jumpstart/ My highs was when PC said the plan of God for my life requires I’am abandoned to it!Faith is systematic you have to get up and do those things you know to do (the Word ) even if you don’t want too!!! When you yield to your flesh , you’re already whipped by the enemy! Look at things like He looks at things which will separate the men from the boys!!! Thanks PC this was truly the sweetest Sunday!!!!!🍪 1st/ High was when PD said the only place to be garranted success is His Word! When faith speaks the Word comes alive ! The Word has to have my voice! God’s not looking for casual observers , but pertisapators🙌

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  9. Sunday 2nd…Grace has always been my favorite word. I’m not sure why but there is something so pure to me when I think on Grace.
    PD breaks down the Word Grace so perfectly in letting us know everything that is given to us in that one single little word.
    Why can’t we comprehend the magnitude of what we are given? We get a candle or a gift card and we are so excited because a gift from someone means they cared enough to give us something. We have the gift of Grace and all that it entails and we mostly don’t even acknowledge it much less understand what it cost!
    I truly want to be more mindful of all that I have been given thru Grace and how I can best do my part to utilize this great gift in my life.
    also…When PD said he believes that our names are already recorded in the lambs book as it “has to be in to be blotted out”! I looked that up and found several scriptures that elude to that same thing…
    Funny how we miss so many things in the Word then when it is brought to our attention we’re like “oh yea, huh”!.


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