DEEP 11.26.18

DEEP was soooo good!! It is so awesome to come every Monday and study the Word!!🤓 Here is a couple of our take-a-ways from tonight:

The Holy Spirit

  • Relationship with the Holy Spirit is our POWER SOURCE
  • We are the temple of the Holy Spirit; how are we treating it?
  • The moon is a reflection of the sun; who are we reflecting?
  • Don’t hunger after things that aren’t God
  • Worship creates an atmosphere


  • Faith is voice activated
  • That same knowing about salvation has to be for EVERY OTHER PROMISE
  • Set alarms throughout the day as a reminder to Thank God for everything He’s done
  • Fear destroys faith in a heartbeat; don’t allow it in
  • You are only as committed spiritually as you are naturally

So what were your take-a-ways from tonight?


    “I am a child of God and I am led by the Spirit of God!”
    >>>>IF you aren’t willing to ask Him then you probably shouldn’t do it!!

    >You say you have faith??…based on what?!!! What you’re believing for must always be backed by the Word you’re standing on; otherwise its just empty words based on NOTHING!!
    > FEAR destroys FAITH!
    > HE wouldn’t tell you to do things if HE thought you didn’t have the capability!!!

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  2. Holy Spirit// You are leaning on your own understanding when you try to fix things. I want to be more aware of the Holy Spirit and consult Him in my decisions whether big or small!

    Confession// examine yourself to see if you are in faith and don’t just say I am believing when really you’re just wishing and a hoping and a wanting. I really liked the practical steps on how to be in faith and have scriptures to stand on!! Faith is believing and speaking!!!🗣

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  3. I really enjoyed both sessions!!

    Holy Spirit: prayer in the Holy Ghost and praise change the atmosphere. Things happen, revelation comes!!

    Confession: Faith is voice activated. Stop saying you’re believing for something but don’t have a scripture in the word you are standing on!! That’s not faith!!

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  4. Holy Spirt// The Scripture Acts 15:28 where it talked about “it seemed good to the Holy Spirit” that phrase stuck out to me and how the early church relied on the Holy Spirit in making decisions! I have heard this so many times and I have looked to the Holy Spirit in some of my decisions, but to actually see that this was really done back then and that He wants to be consulted moves me to not just consult Him in some of my decisions but ALL of them!!! He cares!!!

    Confessions// The part of PKs lesson when she said when you or other people say what you are believing ask based on what? I would always say I am believing for… but never really paid attention to what it was based on. It sounds really churchy and spiritual to say to others I am believing for… this part of the lesson has challenged me to not be shallow but go deeper and pay attention to what I say, how I say it, and back it up with the Word!!!

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  5. Holy Spirit/ Take 5 minute vacation with the Holy Spirit to hear Him, love on Him, be loved on by Him get direction for my day! Confession/ praise and Thanksgiving changes the atmosphere !Revelation comes through meditation on the word ! You are only as committed spiritually as you are naturally! When we speak the Word only our faith is released to produce what we say!!!!! Great word PK!😊

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