Night Life 11.28.18

Service was sooo good tonight!!! Seriously, how amazing was that offering message?! Praise God!! I’m so thankful for church, the Word, and our Pastor who always brings the truth no matter what! Here are a couple of our highs from tonight:

  • The tithe does for you what you can’t do on your own
  • Weak is not always broke!!!
  • God wants us to bless those who can’t pay us back!!!
  • Sincere humility produces honor

  • Honoring the Word made Jesus who He was

🙌🙌🙌 We must, must, must honor the Word!!!😇 So what were your highs from service tonight?


  1. Paul’s commitment to hearing God’s voice and seeking Revelation above all else totally transformed him!! How blessed we are to have all his writings to learn from!! He didn’t seem or need anyone elses opinion. He got to know Jesus one on one.

    Tithing makes way for God to do what you could never do!!


  2. How awesome that each service is special in its own way and we can receive revelation every time! Here is some of what stood out to me:
    * “There’s more where this (resource) came from, I’m going to trust God, and He’s going to bless me!” – I’ll be making this a daily confession regarding my giving!
    * You’re in a free fall or a high rise right now…you choose! A different take on Deut. 30:19!
    * JESUS didn’t let the nonsense of life get on Him…Be the same way!
    Simple truths that will help us overcome and live in victory ❤️

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  3. I’m so grateful for the Word we hear with regard to the tithe at chooselife. Last night when PD said “The tithe does for you what you can’t do on your own”…this revelation and has revolutionized my life! God is always working supernaturally on my behalf when I just DO what he says!


  4. From youth:
    I have to deal with all the side shows in my life. They will keep me slaved to what I don’t want to be slaved to or deal with things I shouldn’t have to as a child of God. When I deal with them I can be a slave to the Word.


  5. Offering/ I’m so thankful for the Word PD always brings concerning giving, it encourages me to bless others and remember those that can’t give back it’s always better to give than to receive ! This is really being serious about my walk with the Lord! Honoring the word made Jesus who He was!From the heart sincere humility produces honor!!!!!Thank you PD such a great word! 🤗

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  6. Nightlife// PD said “Talk is worthless without walk, there has to be action! From the heart sincere humility produces honor!”
    Personal change happens when we are doers and not just religious church goers! The Word has to be what I do not just hear!

    Youth// “Get me in a plane!” The Pearl Harbor movie clip really stood out! Am I willing to do whatever it takes? People that are growing in a relationship with God aren’t inconvenienced by serving!! Relationship requires growth! Coming face to face with Him is my destination!

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