Happy Ugly Christmas Sweater Sunday!!!🎅

Service was sooo amazing today!!!! It was the perfect start to December! Here are a couple of our highs from today!


  • Love speaks to the one thing that stands in the way of the next step
  • The elephant in the room doesn’t get ignored just to keep the peace
  • The love of God will either help me change or let me hang myself (Peter or Judas)

2nd Service

  • Every 3-4 weeks when you think about it say: The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want!
  • Faith keeps it’s eyes on the Shepherd it doesn’t acknowledge the storms!
  • Feelings can never sustain you!
  • Stir yourself up! Don’t allow yourself to be comfortable

So what were your highs from service today?!


  1. these were my highs from services today!

    • Your mind has to be renewed on the daily because it it at enmity with God.(romans 8:6,12:2)
    • You are not called to be the hero!!
    • Love holds up the truth, the truth is the word, so love holds the word as the standard.

    1st service:

    •Great faith comes from a Word-filled heart.
    • The Father is only able to work in your now because that’s where you are. ( my future is ultimately not my own, what I have is now!)

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  2. ☝🏽👍🏽
    Jumpstart –
    Renew your mind with the word of God because our mind is at inmity with God. we never get to the place we’re we are done,it is a continuous process => progression. You have to separate your emotions from the love of God.
    Psalms 23:1 the lord is my sherpherd and I shall not want.
    Unbelief is a choice.
    Unbelief in the hearts is evil. Experience will always be experiences.
    Hebrews 11:1 now faith.
    God is only able to work in our now.
    Faith shows up because you are hungry.

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  3. Church was so great today!!!

    1st//My confession is the most powerful confession; just like the woman with the issue of blood said within herself…PD said my self-talk is probably more important than any other conversations. My personal time with Him will produce my greatest level of confidence.

    Psalm 23:1//”The Lord is my shepherd and I do not want!”

    Unbelief is a choice NOT a condition.

    I choose to “can” all I “can”. I am nothing without Him. John 15:5

    As I see what He says as what is, I will see it! THE WORD IS MY EVIDENCE!! Hallelujah!!!

    “I am only able to work in your now, because that is where you always are.” My now will be consumed by Him. My past is forgotten and my future isn’t here yet! Faith is now. If I can’t be in faith in my now, why do I expect to be in faith for my future? That makes no sense. Faith is now! Today is the day!!

    I was so encouraged today that if I can believe in salvation, I can believe in anything else! The hardest part is being taken out of darkness and brought into light!

    2nd//He creates an understanding in your heart when you choose to believe. I really like this…like you don’t have to know everything about how your car works to have the faith to drive it. I know how to use faith but I don’t have to know how it works. He brings the increase; I just believe and speak according to HIs Word.

    In order to have faith in God I have to take my faith off of some other things. In order to access what is in me, I have to focus more on the Word and less on what I think or reason.

    Faith keeps His eyes on the shepherd and not the storms or anything else.

    I will live a life of honor so I can apprehend all that He has made available for me!!!!!!

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  4. I really liked how PD was talking about us being like sheep. Specifically that sheep are dependent on the shepherd😄
    We were NEVER designed to do things on our own or our own way!!
    Also that the Shepherd is there to protect & guide the sheep. Going off on our own, leaves us unprotected. Because a sheep that is by itself is vulnerable to attack. We must keep our eyes on our Shepherd allow Him to lead us & refuse to be distracted.

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  5. Construct your day in such a way that you have time to spend with Him everyday!

    We make time for what’s important to us. Let’s MAKE TIME for The Word!

    Find yourself trimming things away and they won’t tickle that same spot they used to tickle.

    Makes me want to sing…
    …and the things of earth will grow strangely dim!

    The closer you get to the Father the more normal you become!!!!!
    Pastor was referring to not wanting to become religious about being in the Word but his point was when we’re doing it because we love God we’ll become more valuable not weird!

    Don’t be a weirdo! LOL!

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  6. 1st service// self talk is the most important factor in receiving from the Father? Your private personal time with Him has to be first. I’m convinced that the woman with the issue of blood could have decided to be healed in any way (Jesus’ shadow) and it would have been done because she had made up her mind, between herself and the Father.
    He only watches over His word. NOT your feelings. Stop going by feelings and relying the Word.
    Not many children will run away from their parents but a child in the faith sometimes tries to run away from God and think they will be ok.

    2nd service//sheep need their shepherd!! Stop seeing yourself as a self sufficient sheep. There is no such thing.
    He is the provider but you have to be the receiver. You both have to be in place for this life to work the way it was designed to.

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  7. Great Services Yesterday! Loved everyone’s ugly Christmas Sweaters!! 🙂
    Jumpstart PC//You can’t chase people down and bring them back…Jesus didn’t do it, so we shouldn’t either. God is NOT emotionally changing because of where I choose to be! I must line my life up with His!!
    1st Service PD//When you embrace that He is your shepherd, you will be fulfilled! Unbelief is a choice-that was so good to me! I can’t base what I believe based on what I see, I choose to believe DESPITE what I see!
    2nd Service PK//The moment I got saved, I was given every fruit that I need to produce! I have the capacity to love, to be gentle, to be patient, and to be full of joy, but it is up to me to be led by the Spirit of God and choose it!

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  8. Church was amazing!!👏🏻 😍Here are my highs:

    Jumpstart// PC said “People cannot grow up without love and truth!! Love doesn’t ignore the elephant in the room” We can’t meet people where they are and we have to separate our emotions from the Word of God. Ultimately love is truth and I can’t compromise the Word!

    3rd// PD said “Someone that focuses on money will never enjoy what they have! If there’s any deficiencies, it’s because of us not having faith in God.” I have to mix faith with everything I see that’s written, otherwise I’m just learning and not growing! My focus has to stay on Him and His kingdom!

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  9. I really enjoyed jump start and knowing I have to change the way I see people and their relationship with the Father. I can’t take that on.

    During PD’s message I had an eye opening moment just knowing He can only work with me where I’m at cuz that is where I’m at! I can get frustrated or eager for the next season cuz I’m where I’m at and I have made the choices in life to place me where I am at! In order to see change I have to make some changes.

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  10. Jumpstart:

    Love doesn’t look at the past

    Everyone is “down”. Its your responsibility to wake up every morning and determine to allow yourself to be “lifted” by Him

    Hebrews 11:1… faith doesn’t need tangible evidence. faith just knows. Don’t say you believe Him if you take it upon yourself to make things happen in the waiting period.

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  11. 2nd Service/ when we see Him the way we should there will be no pressure! HE WILL TAKE CARE OF ME!!!! Be CAREFREE…. PSALM 23:1.. THE LORD IS MY SHEPARD I SHALL NOT WANT!!!!

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  12. Every service was so different but just what I needed! 😊 I’m thankful for pastors who bring the Word in love! Every time I do laundry, which is ALL the time, I will always remember how it’s the same as renewing my mind…PC said in JS that we’re always working on dirty and it’s a continual process! Such a great word picture! She also talked about how if what God did for people isn’t enough to keep them stirred up, what do we expect to say that will help them realize what they’re walking away from?! So true! Second service was fun but straight to the heart with PD…I love how he’s not afraid to call believers out for living below God’s best, not in a rude way but in a “get your head out” way! Lol praise God for the precious soul who received JESUS during second service…that’s what all this that we do is all about! 🙌🏼

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  13. Jump Start/ My high today was Love’s not looking at the past , I choose to move on ,today is a NEW DAY!!!! Not everyone is going to go on with Him so take off the spider-man cape and don’t run after those people. Love and pray for them!!!!! 1st/ High was when PD said unbelief is a choice not a condition! Great Faith pours out from a Word filled heart ! Jesus finished the work we don’t have to jack with it! 🙌

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