DEEP 12.3.18

DEEP was sooo good tonight! I’m so thankful for classes on the Holy Spirit and Confession!!🤓 Here are a couple of our take-a-ways from tonight!

The Holy Spirit

  • We need to be charged in our faith everyday
  • The best way to stand is in the Holy Spirit
  • Are you thirsty? Or are you just satisfied?
  • The 5 gifts- what are you doing with them?!


  • The problem is we hear, hear, hear but don’t vocalize and do
  • If you say you are going to do something, do it!! If you say you are going to be somewhere at 7, be there!! When you don’t, you are a liar and you’re training yourself to not believe what you say!
  • James 3 TPT
  • My words and confessions will train me who to be

So, what were your take-a-ways from tonight?!


  1. Holy Spirit:
    I’ve been given 5 gifts:
    2. Holy Spirit
    3. The Word
    4. Love
    5. Faith
    What am I doing with them?!!!!! POWERFUL!!!!!!! Thanks Mrs. Vonnie

    God can be no bigger than you confess Him to be!

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  2. Holy spirit//What am I doing with the gifts? Big things can happen in our city if we will submit to the vision and agree in prayer!! I believe for salvations and people filled who are hungry and thirsty!! In Jesus’ Name!!!!

    Confession//you have to know the word if you are going to confess it. my body responds to my words. How many dumb things do I say everyday?!?! Stop and think before speaking. I only want to say and do what He wants me to say and do!!!

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  3. Holy Spirit / My take away was The Holy Spirit Baptisim is for every born-again believer for walking in authority and victory!How thirsty are you? How hungry are you ? And what am’I doing with it?what am’I doing with His love and faith? The church is to be filled with the zeal of God this is the glorious church He’s coming back for! Good word ! Thanks Ms Vonnie!🙌 Confession/we have to train ourselves to speak the Word only !! To just shut up until we do!!!when you say you’re going to do something do it it’s about your integrity don’t be a liar !!! Our words will make us or break us! James 3 TPT!! Thank you PK !!

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