Night Life 12.5.18

Service was sooo amazing tonight!! I’m so so thankful for the truth that we get to hear every time we walk through those doors!! WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!!

  • Pride keeps me from doing the Word
  • If I don’t do the Word, I don’t want the Word of God results

I don’t want the results my strength and ability can provide!! At the end of the day that will all mean nothing!! I want His results, Word of God, supernatural results!! I will refuse pride and stay connected!!

Remember: WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! So lets grow together! Tell us some of the things that stood out to you tonight!!😇❤️


  1. It was so good tonight. Ultimately it’s up to us. What life we’re gonna have. Will we listen and do or will we just listen. I’m gonna be a doer. I’m so thankful for our pastors and the truth ❤️

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  2. Word of God results happen by listening to, meditating on and acting on THE WORD OF GOD!!
    We are in this together!! So powerful!!
    Ezekiel 33 I never want to become a person who hears and has no intention of acting on what I hear here. No one is above it though. Continually holding our feet to the fire is what is most important. Seeing the gift that we have in our Pastors as precious and literally God speaking to us. The LORD told Ezekiel the people had no intention of doing what “I”(not Ezekiel but God) was telling them. It is literally God teaching us and praise God we have Pastors who are willing and obedient to be the mouth piece!!! THANK YOU!!!!

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  3. challenge yourself to not have “itching ears” i.e wanting to hear what you want to hear! –> HOLD YOUR FEET TO THE FIRE!!!
    >>In order to grow you need truth irregardless of how sharp that truth may be at that moment!
    >>& hearing truth and actually walking it out is the difference in flourishing or hanging yourself…you choose!!

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  4. I’m so thankful for my pastors! Like PD said, we are in this together and we are all growing together!
    My favorite statement from last night:
    You know you are pridefully deceived when you don’t do what the Word says and don’t see it as irreverence and disrespect.

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