Sunday, December 9

Happy Festive Best Sunday!!!🎅 You all looked amazing and we are believing you enjoyed some yummy popcorn from the popcorn bar!! All of it was great; but do you know what’s better? The Word, of course!! Here are some of our highs from service


  • I have an advantage
  • I am responsible for bringing my hunger; that is my supply
  • Hunger produces vision
  • Religion can’t position me in relationship
  • Burn the things that keep me shallow and determine I ONLY BURN FOR HIM!!

2nd service

  • The just shall live by faith
  • The faith I’m called to live by is solely dependent on the Word
  • When I’m my God I’ll always be disappointed
  • When I’m the center of my world, it’s a very small universe
  • Quit worrying about things that don’t make a difference
  • There is only 1 3-in-one: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit
  • I have to see me right before I’ll ever be right!

So what were your highs? Remember, we are in this together!!❤️


  1. Third service was so good! My high was the statement referring to change “I provide the want to and He will provide the power!” The word never fails!

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  2. 2nd Service// the more time and space you give Him everything in your life will get better and better! BE FOR ME! Until I’m for me I won’t be right to be for others! Be willing to deal with myself because I’m worth it! LIVE RIGHT.. DO RIGHT… and things will GET BETTER & BETTER… continue in the WORD NO MATTER WHAT I FEEL THINK OR SEE… Peace and life come from the Spirit/THE WORD! I’m so thankful for PD’s continuance to DO THE WORD and GIVE ME THE TRUTH!

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    I liked what Pastor Charity said about there being an exchange when we bring out supply. The Holy Spirit just showed it to me like a transaction, both sides have their part. It made me want to be even more intentional and focused at church.

    When Pastor Dean referenced the story where Jesus said “Thou gavest me no kiss: but this woman since the time I came in hath not ceased to kiss my feet.” It so easy to become familiar with Jesus and that is something we all must guard against!

    Our assignment is to fall in love with Him! Sounds easy but do we really make time for His things and what’s important to Him?

    We Pastor said the Word is the blueprint for living I was thinking about how detailed blue prints are. There’s a section for HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Foundations, Elevations, and so much more. It’s specific and that’s the way our Father is about our life, He’s not winging it! (Like the grinch singing Christmas Carols today LOL)

    I can’t do His part but I can do mine!
    All He’s asked us to do is BELIEVE!


  4. OMG!!! Church was soooo good to me today!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    1st Service//
    1. Because I am His faith is all that will fit; when I don’t walk by faith as His righteousness I will find myself out of sync with Him, then me, and then those around me.
    2. Peace is only found in my relationship with Him.
    3. I don’t take thoughts that aren’t mine…that don’t agree with the Word!
    4. Degree I love Him=Success
    5. God didn’t do His part with His feelings, but His life…I don’t do my part in my feelings but with my entire life!
    6. Religious people spend more time talking about what others do or don’t do rather than what they should do.
    7. God’s design is always restoration and forgiveness.

    2nd Service//
    1. There are things we have been MADE (whole, rich, right) that we shouldn’t struggle with.
    2. If He isn’t the director, He can’t be the protector.
    3. Faith does something (referring to the woman who washed Jesus’ feet, breaking the alabaster box) but its not a work to earn something, it is honor.
    4. If you are ruled by your senses death is on its way.
    5. We need to stop being enamored with what is going to burn.
    6. The love road is the high road and there is waaayyy less traffic.
    7. He will love me all the way to victory.

    This week, to be a doer I will,
    1. Reject a spirit of religion.
    2. I will stay in love at all costs.
    3. I will not reason but recognize that every day I wake up my mind MUST CONFORM TO THE WORD so I will cast down wrong thoughts and speak the Word only.
    4. My feelings will NOT RULE ME!!
    5. I choose to honor Him with my life…its the least I can do because He loves me.


  5. Jump start// the love of God will help you change or let you hang yourself. That’s completely up to me.
    Rich young ruler…didn’t want to do what Jesus asked him to do and Jesus didn’t chase him. Love doesn’t chase you. Drawing is different from chasing.

    1st service// The more time I spend with Him, the more I will see how much He loves me and it will give me confidence and I will experience great success. Not because of who I am but because Who is in me and working with me.

    Galatians 5:6 my faith only works by love. It’s not ever worth getting out of love.

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  6. Jumpstart
    We shouldn’t have a form of godliness (religion) we should have a relationship with the Father. Don’t he be shallow,offended,or distracted.
    2nd service
    God did not come to condemn the world but to show them love,his kind of love to experience everlasting life.
    We walk by faith not how we feel or what it looks like. We are new creations.

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  7. I really enjoyed service today!!!

    – in matthew 11:29 Jesus says “learn” from me, learn means to find out and FIX IN MIND. This was so big to me!!! There must be a shift, almost like fixing a wall or something of that sort but in your brain!!!
    – Jesus NEVER compromised! So neither will I!!

    1st Service
    – The faith we’re called to live by is solely dependent on the Word with absolutely NO NEED for intellectual embellisments! The word does not need our minds spin on it to make it “fit” our lives in the moment !
    -if things aren’t working the FIRST thing you should look at is your love walk!! staying in love begins with loving Him!! If you’re not in love, you’re not in love with Him!!!

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    I have an advantage!!! Yesss!! We have THE ADVANTAGE! In Christ we are far above any circumstance, any thought, any emotion etc💪🏼 BUT we have to see it as so in order to walk with confidence IN that position!

    THERES AN EXCHANGE HERE! The Father ALWAYS takes care of business. His part will always come to play in our life, WHEN we do our part!!
    PROV 4:20-23
    20Give your full attention to everything I’m saying
    21Allow My Words to fill you with revelation & help you to see things for what they really are!
    22Allow My Words to be unwrapped before you & impart true life & radiant health-into the very core of your being.
    23Above all else guard what you set your attention on-what you dedicate & allow yourself to get attached to-because this will determine the course of your life! Steward yourself, steward your thinking-what goes in-will eventually come out!
    I choose to do my part! I know this doesn’t just happen, it’s gonna take a fight about me💪🏼

    The more I love Him, the more I love me🥰 the more I know Him, the more of His character & power I am well acquainted with, therefore I have a greater understanding of what’s in me, how He sees me & what I am empowered to do! LOVE❤️❤️

    When I come in contact with The Truth-I have to root out all that other stuff out!☝🏼

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  9. 1st:

    The word was designed, that when embraced, will give you power in any and every area!!
    —> powerlessness in any area is a direct reflection of a Word deficiency in that area!! To correct: Intentionally Feed on the Word & receive power! Simple as that!!!

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  10. 1st service// PD started with a joke but mentioned faith doesn’t come by laughing. We should be stirred and awake before he gets on stage and not depend on a laugh to keep us engaged. Romans 8:6 for to be carnally is death but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Spiritually minded is word of God minded. You love walk toward Him determines everything!!

    2nd service//your intelligence is a pile of duke compared to the word and wisdom of God. You can’t be too smart or too dumb to be born again. Luke 7//religion questions within themselves. Faith is humble and doesn’t fail to love!!

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  11. Everyone Looked SOOOO Festive!! 🙂 Love our Church Family!! 🙂
    Jumpstart//I have an advantage!!! I really enjoyed/was challenged by the statement “It is a sin to speculate!” I refuse to give place to speculation because of my own unwillingness to confront things!
    1st Service//I have to let my mind know that our relationship is over. LOL!! My mind has to be put in check! It is not running me! Loved hearing the story of the woman who came to Jesus and washed His feet! Those that love the most are those that realize their desperate need for a Savior!! I am NOTHING without Him!!
    2nd Service-PK KIDZ//People will know who I know based on what I produce-I will them to know that I know the Father…so that they want to know Him to!! I AM A PERSON OF PEACE AND NOT FRUSTRATION!


  12. I want to burn for Him only! All this religion can get really ugly and get me off course!

    My love walk effects my faith walk. The love of God fuels faith.

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  13. It was such a good Sunday!!🙌🏻🎄

    Here are a few of my takeaways:

    Jumpstart// my favorite was when PC said “The supply I bring is my hunger. Progression is my responsibility. The love of God will either help you change or let you hang yourself! Separate your emotions from the love of God!” I was really encouraged to have an expectation to keep moving forward even though others won’t and to always have a place in my heart that still has hope for them!
    Religion writes people off! I don’t want to be religious! Love gives people the opportunity to change❤️

    3rd// you shouldn’t struggle to want to change, when you don’t have faith it’s a sign that you’re lacking the Word! I want to build myself up everyday by making the Word my priority in all I do and say! From the heart we must acknowledge we are truly forgiven!

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  14. Jumpstart/ My take away was when PC said was we have to separate our emotions from the love of God!!!! 1st /when PD said your mind can’t run you I have to bring it under just like the rest of my body it’s not in charge! If I’m not feeding my Spirit the word my mind will run my life I only want God’s Word to run my life so I have to stay hungry for more of Him everyday !!!!!!🤗

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