DEEP 12.10.18

DEEP was sooo good tonight!! How much fun was the mixer!! There was definitely some funny times playing musical chairs!!🎅😂

Here are a couple highs from Prayer class tonight:

  • 95% of prayer time should be in an attitude of thanksgiving; singing, praising, worshipping, and just loving on our Father
  • Your responsibilities don’t dictate your time with the Father, rather your time with the Father dictates your responsibilities
  • It’s my choice to be focused!
  • Prayer, communication with the Father, is about being still and knowing!!!

What were some of your highs from tonight?

Over the next 3-weeks, take what you’ve learned this semester and be intentional about applying it to your life! Ask the Holy Spirit where/how you can apply the Word so you are a doer and not just a hearer; be faithful and intentional with everything you heard! We will see you again at DEEP on January 7th!!❤️

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  1. Deep/ The very best high I got from Deep was when Ms. Vonnie talked about time spent with the Father in our quiet time , it should always be about Him first, just praising ,singing lifting our heart our hands in worship to The Father always to offer up our Thanksgiving for what He has done for us through Jesus His Word!!!!To be still and know!!!!thanks Ms Vonnie 😊

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