Night Life 12.12.18

Service was sooo good tonight!! I’m so thankful for midweek service!! It is exactly what I need every single week!!

Some of our highs from tonight are:

  • Pride refuses to acknowledge correction
  • We need correction more than we need encouragement
  • Ephesians 5:26- the Word is meant to bring correction, not circumstances

I think this shows we all need to grow in how we receive correction!! If we want to grow that’s what we NEED!!! Let’s all choose to be believers that crave correction because without correction we will never grow! So what were your highs from tonight? Share them with us; remember we are in this together!!❤️


  1. Tonight was so good I am so grateful PD is so honest and open about his life and experiences. I have no excuse!! I can do this!!! I liked the statement “Pride refuses to acknowledge correction.” I kniw I need correction in my life because if not I’m going down!
    I also like the street version of Proverbs 15:10 “if you do wrong you better hope someone corrects you and gives you the opportunity to change. If not I could end up dying unnecessarily.
    Like PD said, there’s always room for correction!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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  2. I really appreciate how honestly PD presents the Word and how it’s transformed his life. Tonight my fave statements we’re about raising my children. The first commandment with a promise is to honor your parents and you will have a long life in the Earth. It’s not something that is automatic but learned through correction. I am a child of God and a also a natural child of my parents. I can’t expect the kids to accept correction if Im not willing to. I’ll never stop being His child and being open to His correction through the word. In My Face is so powerful! Thanks PD for sharing such a private conversation with the Holy Spirit with us to help us grow!!

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  3. Some of my highs were /The thing about correction is that you can correct yourself! that is if you want to, we make choices everyday Why not make the right ones ,humble myself and stay hungry!The truth is there is always room for correction and improvement! Bible correction is God’s direction for our life to get better and better!!! Thanks PD great word!!😊

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  4. Highs// correction is needed more than encouragement! Correction is love and we should want correction, the Word corrects us! The moment you turn your back on correction-Grace is gone!!!! Thanks PD❤️

    Youth//PC said spiritual disciplines are not about what you can earn but putting your body under! Relationship with Him is personal! It’s going to be the way you call it, not the way Jesus paid for it. Our words have to be used like God did, for creation!

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