Sunday 12.16.18

Happy Sunday everyone!!!😇 You all looked soooo cozy for this Pajama Sunday.🎅 As always, services were amazing today!!! Here are a couple of our highs:


  • ALL of my business should be about HIS business
  •  People CAN change
  • Call sin, sin. Stop making excuses
  • If faith isn’t seeing, then love isn’t feeling!
  • It’s not what’s going “out here” but how I relate to what’s going on “out here”

2nd Service

  • He had a plan before the “need”
  •  God sees Himself as the Norm, the Blueprint for believers
  • “If My children spend as much time working on themselves as they do critiquing others they will be more fulfilled personally and more valuable to Me and others”
  • You’ll never have enough of anything until He’s your everything!!

So what were some of your highs from today’s service? How are you going to apply it to your life?


  1. Jumpstart
    People can change.
    You have to separate the love of God from your emotions love believes the best
    Religion is never in faith
    When you have no lift (rocket ship) go back to the word of God to get your fill.
    3rd service
    Your first about his business.
    Faith in anything else but Gods word is unbelief.
    God will never remind you of who you were.

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  2. everyone looked so comfy in their pj’s!

    • I have a purpose beyond what I can see… if faith isn’t seeing then love isn’t a feeling.
    • if my purpose is beyond what I can see them in order to walk out in my purpose will require FAITH which is BELIEVING(John 6:29) In Him!!!
    • sin is sin. so call it that. until you call it sin it cannot be removed from your life!
    • you have to judge the action with your mouth

    • having faith in God means you don’t have faith in anything else!! my faith cannot be all over the place!!! that will leave me an emotional wreck!
    • the fight of faith demand you know where you are NOW not where you were. Faith is now!!!! not tomorrow!!! not yesterday!!! right now!!!
    2 Corinthians 5:21
    • who you think you are or what you’ve been told you are MUST be subjected to who He says I am!!! everything else I’ve been told or I’ve even told myself is a LIEEE!!!!!!!

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  3. I’m going to….
    1. Call sin for what it really is…SIN!
    2. After I call it sin ask for forgiveness
    3. Make all lies about myself bow down at the feet of who the father has said I am.

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  4. Jumpstart:
    •Stop “working” on it-and just IDENTIFY with it! ❤️
    •Gal 5:6 Faith works by Love! This is not of this world-it’s HIGHER!(spiritual force)
    •Col 3:1-2 Christ’s resurrection is your resurrection too. This is why we are to yearn for all that is above, for that’s where Christ sits enthroned at the place of all power, honor, and authority! Yes, feast on all the treasures of the heavenly realm and fill your thoughts with heavenly realities, and not with the distractions of the natural realm.
    •If Faith isn’t seeing-then Love isn’t feeling! (This is a supernatural thing)
    •I love GoD-I love myself-I love others❤️

    •In order to walk by Faith, we have to embrace His Love!🤗
    •His Love will take you as far as you wanna go!
    •Faith in anything but GoDs Word- is unbelief! 💪🏼

    •He gets glorified when we bear fruit
    •The Word = instruction & correction
    •Anything that doesn’t have to do with Him is taking our time!
    •His Word is His presence in my mouth!

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  5. 2nd Service:
    I really liked when PD said “LIVE LIFE W-an opportunity to drop our guard .. SMILE…RESPECT AND HONOR PEOPLE”!
    We are called to live a life of LOVE! To look like our Father!

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  6. I’m so thankful for a growing church that still feels like family! PJ Sunday was fun! Here are my highs:
    1st Service –
    * It’s easy to focus on others’ flaws; it takes discipline to work on yourself!
    * You will never have enough of anything, until He is your EVERYTHING!
    * Having faith in God means you don’t have faith in anything else!
    * His life = The life = No other life!
    2nd Service –
    * “God is normal” – PG then “God sees Himself as the norm/the standard!” – PD So good!!
    * Unconditional love is the unwillingness to hold onto anything that is unlovely!
    * Daily confession – “I’m just a vessel, a willing vessel!” ❤️
    * A relationship with The Father is not an addendum to your life…it is your life!

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  7. 1st:
    Unless you’ve made strides yourself, you can’t possibly help other people!
    —->What’s that in your eye??!!!!

    Having faith in God means having faith in nothing else!!

    Living a life that’s not his life is living, death !!

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  8. OMG!! Church was awesome to me again today!!

    1st service//
    Faith never works when all you are concerned about is what others are or aren’t doing; so instead spend time in His presence so a hard time to you is just a storm passing.

    Faith in Him means I don’t have faith anywhere else.

    You have to say what is true before you walk in truth. Faith says and then does!! I will let no hypocrisy be in my mouth in Jesus’ name!!

    He wants me “on the water” in every situation.

    The faith fight demands that you know where you are NOW! OMG!! Soo good!! I am blessed! I am healed! I am chosen!! I am! I am because of the great “I AM”!

    2nd service//
    The only way the Word He gave us prospers is to believe, speak, and do it!

    Love fuels believing and speaking.

    Be still every day and expect correction or direction; but either way it will be with affection.

    God is my blueprint! Hallelujah!! And I am made in HIs image!!

    You have to lose your identity in Him in order to have a walk of faith that is successful.

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  9. This week I will:
    2. Speak the Word only…let no hypocrisy or foolish talk have a place in my mouth or conversations.
    3. Be STILL…really really still each day!
    4. Get lost in HIM!!! He is my destination!! He is my reward!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where am I going…no where I am already IN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. I really liked:
    Faith does what’s true no matter that it doesn’t know how it will do it

    You have to know him better then you remember you

    If faith is not seeing then love is not feeling. I want to live on a higher level by faith and not on the lower level with fear and works.

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  11. As I am working on myself, it’s always nice to hear Pastor Dean confirm what God is saying to me. Love is not a feeling. I love that, I am learning that my feelings will fail me. I can’t live by what I feel, but what God says only. Thank you Pastor Dean and Pastor Charity for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through you

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  12. Church was amazing and fun seeing everyone in their PJs😍so grateful for church family!

    Highs from Jumpstart// I really liked the visual of the spaceship lifting off. PC said anytime your life needs a lift, go to your love!!!!!! Our love walk is SO important!! Faith and love are from heaven (spiritual forces of God) and fear and works are in the world! If faith isn’t seeing then love isn’t a feeling. I will forgive quickly, pray for others, and be long suffering and patient just like my Father!!!

    3rd service// God never brings up our past, He sees me in Jesus but where do I see me? PD said faith in anything but Gods Word is UNBELIEF, the faith fight DEMANDS you know where you are now and not where you were! I have to believe now, it’s all about right now. It’s not my job to criticize others, it’s my responsibility to be a doer of the Word! I will see myself in Him and leave the past behind, which means stop talking about it!!😊


  13. Jumpstart/ My high from Jumpstart was People can change! The love of God will let you walk away just like the rich young ruler! Just call sin what it is, sin!You can’t compromise Faith with Phelo love, if you’re on His love road you are on the High road!!!!!!🙌Thank you PC such Good Word!!!!♥️ 1st/ My high was what PD said the Father told him ,if my children will spend as much time on themselves as opposed to critiquing others they would be more valuable to themselves and others!!!! This will make our own lives better and reflect Him in our sphere of influence!! You’ll never have enough of anything until You make Him your everything ! Omg! He wants me to have everything Jesus paid for that’s all I want He’s always enough!!!!You are and what you are if you believe you are !wow!!! so true!!! That was so good I’ m thankful for Pastors that call it like it is no compromising God’s Word here! Good Word PD🙌


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