Service was sooo good today!!! I’m so thankful for the Word we get to hear every time we come to service! It was definitely a great start to our new year!! 🎉

Here are a couple of our highs:


  • Feelings will always stand in the way of my faith
  • I don’t want to be the type of person that people have to handle with “white gloves”
  • Ask myself- Do I want to continue?
  • Honor is the fuel of all relationships

2nd Service

  • Have faith in God; there is no alternatives
  • Anything can be reversed when you have faith in God
  • In order for your faith to work it has to be locked in
  • The zeal of God has nothing to do with how you feel
  • It’s a personal decision; without faith it is impossible to please God

So what were your highs from service? 🤓 Remember, we are in this together!❤️

Ps. Have a happy, happy New Year!! This will be our best year yet!!😇😇😇


  1. my highs from today were….

    • my eyes should always be on Him NOT on them, if my eyes are on them I have put my expectation(hope) in them.
    • just coming to church does NOT mean you are hungry…I choose to DEMAND of myself to be hungry
    • those who don’t honor God don’t have a personal relationship with Him.
    • dishonor will keep me from my destiny!
    • your harvest depends on your honor
    • if I want to win, I have to release things as I progress.

    1st service// Pastor Kathy
    Joshua 1:8
    • meditate- to think about constantly
    • when you meditate, the Holy Spirit will show you how to apply it to your life
    • once I hear the word I am responsible for it.

    2nd service// Pastor Dean
    • having faith in God means there are NO alternatives
    • if you don’t embrace His word IT WONT WORK FOR YOU

    This week I will…..
    1. Ask the Holy Spirit what needs to be released
    2. Demand of myself to go hungry EVERYTIME
    3. Honor in all my relationships starting with the Father

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  2. 2nd Service//
    I really liked when PD said your giving is a direct direction to your Loving and Do what your supposed to do and he will see that your destiny will be fulfilled!
    When I’m loving Right my giving will be right and when I’m doing what I’m supposed to do my Destiny will be fulfilled!

    During message I was so so blessed by PD, he continually blesses me with so much TRUTH.. IM THANKFUL!! The whole message was a huge blessing to my life but I really liked how he emphasized on Mark 11:22 HAVE FAITH IN GOD & our faith needing to be ONLY IN HIM! NO ALTERNATIVES!!!! God loves me and cares for me and has done more for me than anybody and so IN hearing that it invigorated me even more so to CONTINUE IN DOING HIS WORD because HE IS THE ONLY WAY AND TO TRUST HIM IN AN EVEN GREATER WAY than I ever have before and to put my faith ONLY in HIM!! NOT TO PUT MY EYES ON ANYBODY OR ANYTHING BUT HIM!!!!!! I’m thankful


  3. Church was amazing!👏🏻goodbye 2018 and hello 2019!!🎉

    Here are some of my highs:

    Jumpstart// Your feelings will always stand in the way of your faith. My harvest depends on my honor! Your honor will match how bad you want to win! This week I will evaluate how does the Word meet me and ask the Holy Spirit what I need to release to continue carrying honor!

    3rd// PD said sometimes you have to grow up before you move up and it’s so true!!!! Our relationship with Him should be progressing and our life will get better as we continue obeying and honoring His Word!!


  4. Its hard to believe that we just completed 52 weeks of faith!! I am so grateful for all the seed that was sown into my heart this year and I know with continual water, harvest is on the way!!

    1st service//Continue to demand of yourself: attentiveness, fervor, and diligence!
    A family goes as the individuals go.
    You can’t water down truth and expect faith to work in your life.
    If you aren’t enjoying life the only place to look is in the mirror.
    Faith considers nothing but the Word.

    2nd service//I will do for Him what He did for me. I will die to self and live for Him.
    Christianity is not a place of social comfort.
    I honor Him when I do the Word! I honor Him when I fight the good fight of faith.
    In order for your faith to work, it has to be locked-in.
    If He paid for it, I’m not paying for it!!

    2019 here we come and the best is yet to come!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. This week:
    I will not consider alternatives.
    I will not be moved by what I see or feel.
    What the Word says is what will go in my life.


  6. This was a great service today, 52 Weeks of Faith has made my faith go to a higher level this year! I’m so very grateful for our Pastor’s and the word theyvbring to the table every week all year long!!!!! Jump Start/I don’t want to be a person that people have to handle with “White Gloves” Ask myself on a daily basis do I want to continue ?Keeping my eyes on Him not on people! 1st/ We have to reflect right if we’re going to be right! My unwillingness to not tell the truth to others watering it down can be a stumbling block through my compromise ! So true!!!! Faith is on the increase for those who keep hearing and doing! Thanks so much PD I received so much seed from this Years Faith messages I believe it’s producing in Jesus Name!🙌


  7. Jump start// I can’t lead others until I first lead myself.
    When I want to move forward, this looks a certain way.
    Don’t be inconsistent. God isn’t inconsistent. He is the same yesterday, today, forever. I’m to create consistency in my life.

    2nd Service// the last time He met me where I was was at the alter. From that point on, He meets me at his Word. Jesus never gave an alternative. He only has ONE answer and that is His Word.


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