Night Life 1.2.18

Happy first service of 2019!!!πŸŽ‰πŸ€“

Service was sooo good tonight, right?! That handout, Daily Steps to Knowing God’s Love Personally was amazing!

  • acknowledge what He’s done for you
  • spend personal time in the Word
  • listen for direction and correction
  • say only what He says about you
  • know He loves you and always will

Everyday, we want to sincerely do these steps!!!πŸ˜‡So, what was your high from service? What step do you need to focus the most on? Remember, we are in this together!❀️


  1. Yesss!! Such a great service…I’m so thankful for Nightlife! Here are my highs:
    * during offering – My giving has to be greater than my desire to reap a harvest!
    * the Father only sees you in the Son, which means you’ve already won!
    * when you become a doer of the Word, it becomes easier to be a doer of the Word!
    * what I want most will determine what I have…and I want more of Him!


  2. I wasn’t in service tonight but I read over the handout and I was so excited to see it. It is always something I look forward to from PD at the beginning of each year.

    Without having heard the message yet I know for sure that acknowledging what He has done and only saying what He says about me will be my initial focus for the year…not that there isn’t room to grow on all of them! Soo grateful for that vision and direction…I will be found faithful over it by His grace!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚



    As a believers I should be working, living my life based on what God wants me to do, and I cant do that without CONSISTENCY.

    If I am not faithful to do what is written, how can I be entrusted with what is hidden.

    Feelings cannot be my motivator because feelings change.

    Your How-To is many times the result of your Why-To.

    When my why is I love him then I will be consistent

    Performers turn into betrayers.

    You can only give what you have.


  4. What I experience in the remaining days is up to me! What His love does for me is up to me! I am responsible for my condition.

    What He’s done for me is the greatest thing He’ll ever do for me!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ


  5. Nightlife highs// loving God is loving His Word!! PD makes it so simple! Jesus is our perfect example and the way He related to the Father. Be willing to do His will and not your will! Doing the Word becomes easier!! Love has to be our motivation!

    Youth// PC talked about the different things that motivate us and our why to should be that we love Him!! He must have the greatest influence and honor in my life! The 7 things on how to be a successful Christian were so good!! She said when you love God, it trumps temptation! The goal is that we would always abound in the work of the Lord according to 1 Corinthians 15:58❀️


  6. When you refuse to repent following sin of any form…you build a wall that makes it impossible for you to do what’s right!!
    —–repent, accept forgiveness, and move on! DON’T let your past decisions be a stumbling block for your present!!


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