Sunday 1.6.19

Service was soo good today!! I’m so thankful for church and that we can freely come and hear the Word!!😇 Here are a couple of our highs from today!


  • Don’t strain for what you should freely be receiving
  • Good soil doesn’t just happen
  • I can’t just hear the Word, I have to work with MY land!!
  • Resistance can’t resist the Word sown on good soil!

2nd Service

  • Everything I ever need is deposited in me
  • Revelation form= you don’t care what you think or feel- all that matters is what the Word says
  • There’s certain things you should walk away from when you know what He walked through for you
  • I don’t die for Him, He already died for me!! I commit to LIVE for Him!!!

So, what were your highs from service today? We are in this together❤️


  1. Thankful for truth that’s taught at Chooselife! Today was amazing! I was definitely given the opportunity to go to a higher level with Him! Here are my highs:

    Jumpstart// We never get to a point where we stop working with our land! Each of us is responsible to maintain good soil in our hearts! If it’s wrong it’s not fatal but you have to fix it!! This isn’t a cuddly process! This week I will be more consistent in giving the Holy Spirit time and space to speak to me!

    1st// PD said to the degree you pursue provision, you will miss out on His supernatural provision! He doesn’t want me to plan, He wants me to obey! He also said pretty soon you will be in excess when you don’t spend in excess! So good! Knowing Jesus is knowing the life of God! The Word is Jesus! This week I will live in the abundance that He has already provided for me!

    Youth// When your why is right, you can consistently nail the how-to’s! My why behind everything I do will be because I love Him!!!!!!!!❤️

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  2. Great service today ! Jump Start/ The Holy Spirit is like a huge tool that helps us get rid of everything that will hinder the Word in us as well as our Pastors and teachers ,we will still need to be replenished,our land can change and so can people! ♥️ 3rd service/ Everything hinges on our personal relationship with the Father while Revelation dispels all the questions we may have!! This is not available from humans but only by embracing the Holy Spirit having a heartfelt revelation of who Jesus is!!!!

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  3. you have to work your land and use the tools that the Father has provided… You never stop working the land. Tired=strained= I was doing it on my own.
    good soil doesn’t just happen.
    2nd service
    revelation is a heart thing not a head thing.
    The life of God is Zoe nothing missing nothing broken.
    commit yourself to live for Him….

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  4. church was sooooooo awesome today! it couldn’t have been a better way to start off our new series!


    • the word is seed and if I continue to work with it, it will become the water to clean me up!
    • if I find myself tired or strained I can know that I was doing the work instead of the Father.
    • if the soil(my heart) is wrong it has to be dealt with, otherwise the word will not bear fruit in my life. the lack of fruit in my life is on MY part because the Word works!
    • I will place a priority on His presence!
    • it’s not just enough to hear the word, but I have to work with my own land
    • the tools that the father has given us won’t be delicate
    Matthew 11:12
    • violent doesn’t have to be rude!

    1st service// KIDZ church
    Pastor Kathy

    • the word will change my want to’s!
    • the Father expects me to respond to His word
    • there is a standard for living!

    2nd service// Pastor Dean

    • if the devil can steal the Word he steals my peace, my prosperity and my joy!
    • revelation is a heart thing not a head thing!
    • revelation is achieved by SINCERE HUNGER for more, through “ on purpose” thinking and meditating in the Word
    • Confidence comes by revelation.
    • the Father has to mean more to me that what people mean to me
    • peace is found in the revelation of Gods love for me!!

    3rd service// KIDZ church
    Pastor Faith

    • a snake doesn’t have a backbone so they can move in whatever way they want to. So if so and so wants the snake to look and act this way the snake could do that or if the snakes parents want them to do their best in school they can move that way. A snake can bend and shape themselves into whoever they’re around want them to be. So a believer that doesn’t have a backbone cannot and will not produce fruit because they aren’t faithful first and foremost to the father but they’re not faithful to who they are.
    • if I am not faithful with His things, which are most important, but I’m “faithful” at school, or “faithful” to show up to serve, that “faithful” is actually FAKE.
    • I have a responsibility to be faith over the word which means I have to be a doer!!

    This week I will focus on:
    1. Taking what the Father has given me to do seriously.
    2. Be faithful in time with Him
    3. Make the Father most important

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  5. My Highs for today:
    **When anything comes against The Word – I count it as a lie!!!-P.C.
    The Word is the only thing that is truth, everything else is a counterfeit!
    **When I am “tired”, I am strained, which means I have been doing the work, instead of walking in the FINISHED WORK!! He already did the hard part, all we have to do is rest IN HIM!!
    **Matthew 11:28 I choose to advance with Him:)
    **I loved the illustration of all the farming machinery P.C. shared with us today. Those things were made to get in there & get ‘er done! Like P.C. was saying getting in there violently! Us as well have to recognize when something is not from Him or for Him & get rid of it immediately! We have to be good stewards of our land. We never get to a place where we aren’t working with it. We continually check for bad attitudes, any selfishness etc…

    **John 10:10 – The dividing line in The Word of GoD!!
    **”Soon you will have excess – because you don’t have excess!”-P.D.
    **Joshua 1:8/Matthew 11:12 – I refuse to loosen my grip!!!! Power and authority has been placed in my hands, and it’s up to me to use it! I MAKE MY WAY PROSPEROUS!

    **Confidence comes by revelation:)

    **Revelation is something that no one can take from you:) I KNOW THAT I KNOW!!!
    **You have to KNOW how BIG He is – in order to grow into Him<3
    **To KNOW Him = to KNOW how much He loves me<3

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  6. I really enjoyed church today and I am so excited to start learning more about Jesus. 🙂 🙂

    1st service//When PD said today after reading Genesis 1:26 that were made in the God class…that just went off on the inside of me. Like the enemy is not even in the same class as me…NO RIVAL IN HIM!!
    If everything you are gonna have is always in the future, you will never have it. Faith is NOW! So good! All of His promises are yes and amen NOW!!
    You have to be courageous in order to be successful.
    Revelation is knowing something on the inside that causes you to do differently than what you had been…I like this so much.

    2nd service//Knowing Jesus is knowing the life of God…zoe//life as God has it
    There are certain things you walk away from when you know what He walked through for you.
    Psalm 62:5//my expectation will NOT be in people

    This week I will:
    1. Take my place walking on the water of the Word and in God’s class
    2. Live with the truth: faith is NOW!
    3. Think about the Word.
    4. Maintain my expectation of the Lord.
    5. Like Cinderella–maintain a soundtrack of praise and worship from my heart–strong spirit Proverbs 18:14 regardless of what is going on around me!!

    So thankful for chooselife and all the people who call it home 🙂

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  7. Some of my highs from 2nd service:
    * Don’t allow something that means so much to The Father mean so little to you!
    * What He’s done for me has set me up for victory!
    * You can’t expect anything from people; you can only count on The Father!

    This week I will: Seek His face more than anything else and know that He has everything I need!

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  8. Jump Start// the Word doesn’t stand alone. It has to be worked with. How does the Word meet me?

    When I’m doing things in Him and things that are of Him have no strain. I have to position myself though.

    If my soil isn’t good, I can change.

    1st Service// knowing Jesus is knowing God. I see what God looks like, which brings confidence when I see Jesus.

    Revelation is achieved by sincere hunger.

    You know you want more when you’re willing to do what the Word says. Success is up to me. Joshua 1:8

    3rd Service// Revelation is only available through the Holy Spirit.

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  9. Revelation is sincere hunger for more than on purpose thinking or meditating the word. How hungry are you?

    I have to constantly work my soil and do it violently if necessary!!

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