Night Life 1.9.19

Service was sooo good tonight!! This is going to be an amazing new series😇; we are so excited! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • seminary education without Holy Spirit revelation produces religious devastation
  • God wants me to live beyond my intellect

I’m so thankful and excited to be learning more about the Holy Spirit!! I don’t want to live based on what I can do and see; I want to live the overcoming, supernatural life He has for me!! What were some of your highs from tonight?


  1. From youth I really liked psalm 18:24 TPT…my integrity is kept because I have emptied all of me into Him!
    When I empty myself into him I find out who I really am!

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  2. I have to know that I know that I know!!! I have to put myself in a position through revelation for me to resist what I see and what I feel!!!


  3. Here’s some of my highs from this series The Holy Spirit. Without the Infilling of The Holy Spirit revelation of the Word is without the Life necessary to produce Life!To be carnal is to be governed by human nature not the Spirit of God!! I’am so grateful for the Infilling of the Holy Spirit He’s our gift from The Father to empower us gives us revelation according to the Word to live and be like Jesus in this life !🙌


  4. Youth highs//
    My identity has to be wrapped up in HIS LOVE! When or until you meet Jesus, you don’t have a chance at being your authentic self! My identity will not be found in what people have said about me, good or bad, my success or failures, or my passions and interests but in Him!


  5. One of my favorite parts of Wednesday night’s message was the story PD told about being 6 years old and watching the “holy roller” church through the window. I have never heard that story…it made me realize two things:
    how important a parent’s influence is on a child…my grandpa had said that was a holy roller church
    how important the example we set as a church be consistent with what is written in God’s Word

    I am so grateful that my dad received the infilling of the Holy Spirit and didn’t allow what could have been weird or discouraging to ultimately keep him from the place he is today. I am also grateful that I saw my dad pray in the Holy Spirit himself and with me and that he trained me on how important that relationship was by regularly having family meetings where he had received words from God about our family. I never had to experience what so many have as it pertains to who the Holy Spirit is and how He operates. I am really excited about this series on the Holy Spirit.


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