Sunday 1.13.19

We are so glad you were at church today!😇🤗 No matter what is going on, whether everything is good, or times are tough, Jesus brings peace, fulfillment, joy, and direction. He is our source!! He is our hope. Latch on to Him and don’t let go!❤️

Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • The enemy is able to deceive me out of what I’ve received by positioning what I see or feel to be more powerful
  •  It is my responsibility to tend my land
  •  The love of money remains one of the greatest distractions to the receptivity of the Word
  • Evaluate: is the Word worth more to me than millions? How does that show in my life!

2nd Service

  •   You should NEVER feel comfortable being disobedient to the Word
  •  In order for Him to be involved I have to keep Him involved
  •  He doesn’t mind me doing other things (natural things) as long as I keep Him as the main focus!
  • Solution = relationship with Jesus

What service(s) did you attend today? What were some of your highs from that service? What stood out to you? What are you specifically going to “latch onto” this week?👂👏


  1. Things that stood out to me today:)
    **If it becomes real to me – it'll become a part of me

    But my take away from today has been, that this is a FIGHT!! I'm continually reminded, and now more than ever that this doesn't just happen, from the second I open my eyes, it's a fight! I have to fight to keep my position!(Seated in Heavenly places, as conqueror). That I have to see this as precious, as valuable, as life itself, because that's what it is! LIFE!! I have to see things for what they are – if they are not from Him, they are not for Him, therefore it's a distraction, a waste of time, all designed to get me off course. All attitudes, all fear, any love of money has to be dealt with immediately ! I AM THE 25%! I will fight for the truth, to keep my position, to see myself IN HIM, to fulfill my destiny ❤

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  2. I really liked church today!!!!

    1st service
    Jesus is the perfect expression of the life and will of God.
    It’s easy to know God when you know Jesus! Jesus defines God.
    In Him was life which means In Him is my life.
    You will never be successful if He is not your life.
    Am I doing the simple things? There will always be people looking to get out of responsibility.
    I don’t have to work for what He paid for but I have to walk into it.

    2nd service
    Anything outside of what He did and said does not have to be considered.
    As He becomes the truth in every situation things just keep getting better and better.
    The one who goes to their knees is the one who gets promoted and free.

    This week:
    I will focus on the red letters!!
    I will consistently be faithful over the simple things, what I know to do in my surrender and spiritual daily disciplines.
    I will ask myself in every situation, what does truth say about this?

    Awesome!! Love church 😉 🙂

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  3. 3rd Service
    Jesus has to become real to us personally. We can’t just say what Pastor says. That’s just mimicry. The Word has to become revelation to us personally. When must spend time with the red letters for ourselves continually.

    Great services today! Glory to God for all the salvations and new partners!

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  4. Today was amazing!! Church is my favorite part of all week! Here were my takeaways from today:

    Jumpstart// the enemy is able to deceive you out of what you have received by positioning what you see or feel to be more powerful!! The Word is worth more than millions but it has to be worth that to me personally. It will be reflected in my life by me not settling for anything less than what Jesus paid for!! He brings correction into my life and I have to refuse to keep living and thinking the way the world does! When my perspective is right, I won’t get tripped up in offense! Life gets better and better when you maintain good ground in your heart❤️

    1st// PD made this statement- you will never hate the things you do that are wrong until you hate what they’re doing to your life!! And just like PC always says “love is hate”, because we love God, we hate sin. Honoring His love is honoring the Word!!

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  5. I attended 2nd service and it was amazing!! During worship when PC talked about how in the midst of chaos and tragedy, the disciples lost sight of Jesus and didn’t even recognize Him naturally when He appeared to them after He was crucified. In the midst of life I can’t ever lose sight of my only way to victory. He is where my help comes from. That was so eye opening and powerful.
    PD said no matter the problem, the solution is a relationship to with the Lord Jesus!! I am reminded to be of good cheer. He has overcome the world. I don’t have to figure out anything but keeping Him in the first seat!!!
    I am so excited for all the people who received Jesus 2nd service !!! 🙌 Praise the Lord!

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  6. 1st Service// Jesus defines God. If I know Jesus I know God and have confidence in His character.

    The right way to live is worth fighting for.

    What I know has to be what God’s Word says.

    If you are programmed incorrectly, you can change the way you think but you have to be intentional. You can’t just listen to just anybody.

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  7. 2nd Service:
    DO THINGS HIS WAY! There’s only one way and that’s HIS WAY! No alternative! JESUS IS EVERYTHING I NEED!!!!!!! DO NOT CONSIDER ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF JESUS… I KEEP HIM MY FOCUS! No matter what may be going on around me I keep him my focus! I DONT CONSIDER!!!!! I only CONSIDER THE Word and what it has to say about my life or situations or circumstances that may arise in my life! I win!!! GOD KNOWS ME… he knows my likes, where I live, what I enjoy.. HE KNOWS ME AND IF HE KNOWS ME IT DONT MATTER WHO DONT KNOW ME BECAUSE HE IS EVERYTHING I WOULD EVER NEED IN THIS LIFE!! yesssssss!!! IM SO THANKFUL!!!!

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  8. Here’s my High from: Jump Start/I’m not letting the enemy deceive me out of what I know I’ve received from the Word!Every other relationship comes from the Word in your heart! Working your own land to change,you will be satisfied predicated on the soil of your heart being GOOD!! 2nd/ Love is hate,you can’t love God if you don’t make the decision to hate what God hates! Sin!The kingdom of heaven describes our inheritance and authority and how they are appropriated!God sent His Word to get our attention if we will pay attention! Jesus defines the Father!!🤗


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