DEEP 1.14.18

DEEP was so amazing tonight!!❤️ I am so thankful for Monday nights!!🤓 Here are a couple of our highs from class!


  • I have to know the truth to know a lie
  • He doesn’t have negative in my future so why do I have negative in my thoughts?! Quit “worse case scenario” it!!!
  • My imagination is to bring His creativity into my future
  • If I protect people from the lie that has them bound how can they ever be free?


  • It all comes down to one thing: relationship
  • 1 Corinthians 12:18- everyone has a place
  • I am a ________________ help me Holy Spirit!
  • Love is the beginning and self control is the end….they are the bookends that hold things together

What were your highs from class tonight? What stood out most to you? What are you going to work on this week?


  1. LOVE ❤
    -Who are you to protect someone from their lie…including yourself?
    – If you don't call it sin, it'll stick around as a friend!

    – There is no one like you and there is a function and purpose within the Body of Christ that only you can fill!!!

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  2. my highs:
    • God is not my problem, He is my source.
    • enjoy in moderation
    • self-control is my defense!
    • you don’t know tomorrow so all you should really do with it is commit it to Him!
    • what you allow to become familiar & common will become powerless in your life and eventually can become offensive
    • when it’s real to you, it will be real through you.
    This week I wil:
    •be thankful for my pastors and not allow myself to be casual
    • make the word real to me so that He Can work through me

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  3. Here’s some of what stood out to me from tonight’s classes:).

    **My knowledge of The Word = is my defense against fiery darts
    **the enemy isn’t looking for a fight, he’s looking for someone who’s ignorant! I refuse to be ignorant!
    **Be willing to invest in Him❤️
    **Theres a spirit attached to every single voice!
    **If you don’t call it sin, it’ll stick around like a friend!🤭

    **He chose me❤️ There’s no one like me! There’s a function & purpose in the Body of Christ- that only I can fulfill! Glory!
    **I’m an able minister – i was chosen for this!💪🏼
    **If you cannot discipline your body – you will not discipline your spirit
    **Don’t ever be too busy to pray – if you’re too busy to pray – you’re TOO BUSY!

    My takeaways from tonight would have to be, just how important it is to invest time in The Word, & in prayer. We are powerless without it! The more time we spend In Him, the more of Him that’s reflected through us! What an honor!❤️ And it’s always good to be reminded why we are here, the why behind the what! And that He’s anointed us to do this! We are not in this alone!!

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  4. Deep was sooooo good !!! It was exactly what I needed to hear!!!

    I am who God says I am
    Protect your thoughts
    Why would you imagine destruction in your future, it’s not in your future 🙌🏻❤️

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  5. IM SO GRATEFUL FOR DEEP last night and all it brought to my life!!!!!
    LOVE: love is a person! Your not working on your love walk – love is in you Patricia!!!!!! This so helps me in so many ways! To the degree I relate to Him by spending time with Him, having relationship with Him is the degree I’ll look like Him! I WANT TO LOOK LIKE HIM!!!!!

    THE CHURCH: my world is wherever I go.. so I go into my world letting others know there’s Hope-THERES MORE.. I AM the church! GOD CHOSE ME.. I WAS CHOSEN BY GOD be to HIS KID-THAT IS A BIG DEAL!!! There is reason I am at Chooselife Church and it’s not so I can’t sit and do nothing -God called me here!!!! I’m grateful!!!!

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  6. Deep was so good last night it always blesses my life, opens up my spirit to just what I need right then! Love is a person to whom you surrender! The enemy is not looking for someone who knows what’s up,but only those who are ignorant about the Word and how much God loves them! If you don’t know the truth how are you going to know a lie? Church/ If you’re to busy to PRAY You are too busy! You can’t be up spiritually one day and down the next ! Pray in the Spirit every day it builds you up for what is coming next!!! The choice is ours!!♥️


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