Night Life 1.16.19

Church was so amazing tonight. We ❤️ mid-week service. Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • Don’t think you’ll be any more valuable to others until you first allow Him to be valuable to you
  • If I’m not hungry enough to help myself, I won’t be hungry enough to help anyone else

What were some of your highs from service tonight? Remember, we are in this together!👏🙃


  1. Here’s a couple of my highs: Spiritual success is based on following the Father’s prescribed order of things for success! He’s the God of order that we are to be in line with! If you’re not willing to be Hungry for yourself you’ll never be able to help anyone else! Gosh! I want to help others , this is why we are here! The Father hasn’t ask us to believe intelligently,but to obey willingly! Thanks PD such good word!!!

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  2. Love how sincere PD is!!! The fact that God murdered His Son for me, that He would love so passionately, it stirs me up to go harder and to love Him more!! Be hungry enough to eat and partake of what God has made available! Honor and love is shown in obedience. If you don’t care enough to be the best you, then you don’t care about anybody else. He will be the most valuable person in my life!

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