Sunday 1.20.19

Happy Sunday!!😉😇 Service was so amazing today! I’m so thankful like PD said to hear the TRUTH! Not just what people want to hear or what “feels” good but the true, uncompromised Word of God!! Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • My thoughts and emotions can be the barrier to keeping me hungry
  • Don’t be satisfied with just knowing
  • When I hear the Word I have to pick up my fork, put it in my mouth, and chew on it!!! Just like natural eating, I have to spiritually eat the Word I hear!!!
  • The Word is to my Spirit what natural food is to my body

2nd Service

  • You know where you are when things become difficult
  • Don’t put your eggs in the system’s basket; they only belong in God’s
  • JESUS is the difference maker
  • If I’m not good with JESUS I will spend my life trying to be who everyone else wants me to be
  • Hear from JESUS!!! Don’t make your own decision, hear His voice!!

What service did you attend? What were your highs?

We are in this together!!🙃❤️


  1. Jumpstart
    You can be in your own way of growing in the things of God.
    Main thing is for my heart to be maintained to produce.
    1st service
    It’s not how long you live but what you do when you live.
    Love never fails when you never fail to love.
    Your relationship with Jesus can’t be emotional.

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  2. Jump Start//Don’t be satisfied with the knowledge of what He’s done for me but get it down into the soil of my heart by working with it at home.

    First service//Life is about what you leave and what is accomplished. It’s about how I live. Be about the Father’s business, which is to put others first.

    Love is demonstrated with my obedience. Repentance must be genuine in order to be recognized.

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  3. Yesss!! So thankful for freedom today!
    Some of my takeaways from today:

    **Am I willing to be inconvenienced?!
    **The first layer of soil must be dealt with, but I don’t stop there – I have to keep digging
    **I refuse to be ok with things staying the same ☝🏼
    **It’s not enough just to hear, I have to do something with this!!
    **I have to fight to stay hungry!(that always gets me, “it’s gonna take a fight about you Sonia”)
    **I can’t get full on yesterday’s feeding! Just like in the natural, we have to eat, EVERY DAY!!
    **Tranquil❤️ I am free from anxiety; undisturbed by emotions; full of peace!!
    **When I’m restless, there has been an absence of The Word

    **The creation was meant to be taken care by The Creator
    **If we’re having an “issue” – it’s because we haven’t seen how BIG His Love is for us!
    **Deut 30:20 – He is my anchor & stability❤️❤️
    **When He becomes our everything- it’s there that we are fulfilled!
    **This has never been a one man show!(sighhh) Praise GoD, we’re not in this alone!
    **Love is demonstrated in my obedience
    **The joy that was set before Him – was ME❤️❤️

    **I have nothing to offer – but what He’s given me to steward

    I purpose this week to focus & have quiet moments to remember how BiG & how GREAT His Love is for me! To refuse to allow anything other than peace & love to rise up in me❤️

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  4. Church was so awesome today!! Here are the things that stood out to me:

    1st service//Deuteronomy 30:20…what is life? He is life. I choose to cleave to Him; hang on, trust and anchor my life to Him.
    You can’t go deeper than the basics so I will train myself to recognize Him as I spend time alone meditating on the Word
    My success is in doing the Word regardless of what I feel or what others expect.

    2nd service//”The Word is His presence in your life.”

    This week I will:
    Love what He loves.
    Practice the basics of His presence; hearing and OBEYING; refusing to let my feelings or what is going on with others get in the way
    Cherish THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!


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  5. jumpstart//
    •people can change but they have to want to!
    •you can be in your own way.. by your own thoughts and emotions!
    •don’t be satisfied with just knowing, you have to work it and then defend it.
    ••Hebrews 4:12; Jeremiah 15:16
    1st service//
    •He is the author and the finisher of my faith!
    •He wants you to choose the best- the best has already been made available through Him!
    ••John 14:21(MSG); John 15:10 (MSG)
    •everything He did, He did to make life easier.
    •everything your scrambling to find, He has already made available.
    •everyday, choose to go further!!
    •God came to build relationships.
    ••1 John 5:4

    This week:
    •I will keep my focus, in every area, on Him and not on my own emotions or thoughts!
    •I choose to go further and not become comfortable!
    •Everyday I choose to put all of my faith in Him and what he has available for me and not in anything or anyone else around me!

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  6. From Jump Start//I’m excited to have a tranquil life I as work the soils of my heart. I have to be more aggressive with the working of my soil.

    From 8:45 service//Love is impartial, fair, and just…God is these things. I have to love the way God loves since He is love.

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  7. Highs//

    Jumpstart- anytime the Word isn’t producing in my life it is because of the bad things in my heart. I have to intentionally cultivate the soil of my own heart! I will maintain my hunger every day by meditating on His Word and apply the Word to attitudes and worries that aren’t right!

    1st- for those who are prone to emotion in any level, be clear that your success is in doing the WORD. Love is demonstrated in obedience!!(:

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    > be “not okay” w/ things being the same!…if you’re in the Word you should demand change of yourself w/ the help of the Holy Spirit otherwise you’re a hearer only!!!

    > you have to do what you do because you want to and not because you feel like you have to!!

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  9. 2nd Service

    JESUS IS THE DIFFERENCE MAKER! Be the best you because there’s nothing better than that. Any and all issues you have is because of you…. HE HAS TO BE YOUR LIFE! Everything your scrambling to get HE IS! LOVE AND FOLLOW THE WAYS OF GOD! He will lead you the way you need to go!
    I’m so very thankful for our church family!

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  10. These were great services Sunday! Starting with Jump Start here are some of my highs! Jump Start/I’m not willing to be satisfied to just know God’s Word I must be hungry and feed on His Word! Then I begin to allow baggage, bad attitudes that’s wrong to be removed so the main thing is the soil of my heart begins to produce good fruit !Its how I feed on the Word for myself that produces the right things! Jesus/3rd God always shows up when you Honor Him beginning with your obedience to tithe! Having Life, enjoying Life, walking in Life is up to us ! I have to make the things of God a priority!

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