Sunday 1.27.19

Happy Sweet Sunday Everyone! How amazing was church today? The candy bar, photobooth, cookies, and most importantly THE WORD! It was a great day!! Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • Things should be “weighty”. The problem is carrying it all by myself
  • To the degree my mind, will, and emotions are stable is the degree I will follow Him
  • Don’t prove myself to my leaders, just follow them
  • I don’t make sacrifices for people; I sacrifice myself for HIM!
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to bring to our remembrance the little things our Pastors say to do and begin to do it! Evaluate how I am following!!

2nd Service:

  • God will take care of what He authors
  • Nothing is more powerful than God’s Word in the mouth of a believer
  • In every situation man need’s the Word of God
  • He know’s the why behind why I do stuff
  • When you agree with what you hear, what you hear will come to pass
  • Buckers end up suckers!!!

What were your highs from service?

How sweet it is to be loved by HIM!!! 🍭🍭🍭


  1. Jumpstart:
    •1 Peter 5:7-8
    •be disciplined spiritually the same as you are disciplined physically!!
    •quiet your heart and get alone with God!
    •he wants to take residence on the inside!!
    •Jesus was never moved by man! He was confident, & he knew and stood on the truth.
    •stay secured in Him!
    •Jesus made it clear He would agree with the Father & not man
    • He told us to move the mountain!
    >speak with authority
    >I have that same power & authority within me!
    • it’s either His way or the low way!!

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  2. Matthew 11:28-29
    The problem is carrying the weight by yourself.
    You don’t necessarily make sacrifices for people but you sacrifice yourself for Him.
    What you feed grows.
    1st service
    Jesus did everything legally so he could do what we couldn’t , become the children of God now we do and obey the word of God.
    God doesn’t compromise his word for our benefit either we do his word or not. He changes not.
    Jesus only agreed with the Father not man.
    Who you connect with will either make you or break you.
    The word of for ever settled.
    Word of God is simple just follow the directions.

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  3. Services were so good today!! happy sweet Sunday!!

    -how you feed on the things you hear will determine if it takes root.
    John 17:4( if Jesus was into details I should be too)

    1st service : pastor dean
    – the most can be saved and the saved can mature!
    2nd service : pastor dean
    – it’s always about being hungry, willing to admit you haven’t arrived and ready to grow
    – the Father will not compete with alternatives
    3rd service : pastor faith(KIDZ)
    – I am a carrier of the presence of God

    This week I will:
    – reflect on the things that I’ve heard and what I will hear
    – be hungry and ready to grow every time the Word is presented
    – recognize that everywhere I go I AM A CARRIER OF THE PRESENCE OF GOD and that should change the way that I talk and act.

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  4. My takeaways 😃

    **The most important person to lead – is myself!
    **Leadership is weighty – but the weight is not mine to carry – it’s He who leads & guides me
    **What I feed grows! I’m meditating on something all the time – I have to replace that something with The Word
    **I’m gonna have this!!!💪🏼
    **the enemy just needs one man to yield to perversion – so that perverted thinking may trickle down for generations – I’M NOT GOING IN THAT DIRECTION!☝🏼
    **Psalm 37:3, 7, 9
    3/Trust in The Lord
    Fix your heart on the promises
    Feast on His faithfulness ❤️
    7/Quiet your heart
    9/Those who trust will live safe & sound💪🏼
    The Blessings will overflow

    **Every time we hear The Word, we have an opportunity to follow Him❤️
    **Isaiah 1:19 – if you’ll willingly obey – you’ll feast like kings!
    **If I’m gonna be for Him, I cant be for anything else!! We can’t have faith for two things
    **You have to be serious – or you will find yourself in compromise!🤭
    **Dont play with your agreement with His Word
    **Having faith in GoD – is worth taking time to have faith in His Word! Sooo good!

    **There’s nothing more powerful than The Word in the mouth of a believer
    **When you AGREE with what you hear – then what you hear will come to pass!! Hallelujah
    **Pride is masked security
    **A house divided will not stand
    **Theres power in agreement 💪🏼

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  5. YAY!!! Happy Sweet Sunday!!!

    1st Service//The Word speaks…I give it a voice!
    The Word is to be honored visually…like Jesus do what the Father would do; and vocally…say what the Father would say. I am sowing vocal seed and deed seed

    2nd Service//Tithing and giving offering is God’s legal access to my life.
    His Word is my security blanket; I am NOT wasting time when I am spending time with it.
    A bucker can end up a sucker…so funny!

    This week:
    The Word does not change therefore I will ask the Holy Spirit to quicken me if in any way I adapt the Word to help people “swallow” it better
    I will NOT allow religion to determine how I see and say the Word of God.

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    > become proficient in the art of ignore

    >who you connect with will make or break you!
    > if you’re believing God, you won’t have to think you are!!

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  7. Awesome Sweet Sunday!!!
    2nd service-He freely gave!! There is no admission cost for the kingdom. God’s system is in place for Him to legally work in your life not to get anything from you.
    When you agree with what you hear, you will produce what you hear. Supernaturally!! Nothing is more powerful than the word of God in the mouth of a believer. John 14:14 is a blank check!! Position yourself. You just have to be all His and that’s it!!

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  8. Sweet Sunday was SO fun!!!! Here are a few of my takeaways from services:

    Jumpstart// you cannot base the the success of your leadership based on the response of those you lead! I first have to lead my self and present myself to Him! What you feed grows! Am I feeding on the Word or just hearing it? I will ask the Holy Spirit about the little things I hear my Pastors say and do it, I want to follow their example!

    1st// be with God and be right rather than in a hurry! We all have faith, it’s either in Him or in alternatives! If your believing God you won’t have to think you are!!

    Youth// you have to surrender your wants and desires! God is a God of order. “If it didn’t come from Him, it’s can’t be for Him.” -PC

    This week my eyes will be on Him and not on those I lead! I will agree with the Word and what it says for EVERY area of my life and mull it over, really think about it and what I learned in service!

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  9. 1st and 2nd Services
    Matthew 18:19
    This agreement was shown to me as two or more agreeing with the Word on anything. Agreeing with the Word is agreeing with God.

    Agreement= going in the same direction, being one and saying “yes” and doing what the Word says.

    Doing anything different is disagreement!
    Me and God are the majority!

    This week:
    Be aware of what I am agreeing with and make changes as necessary!

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  10. From first service:
    – He paid for your way out so you don’t have to do the alternatives
    – when you are in faith about something you don’t have to think about it

    Jump start:
    You have to become proficient in the art of ignore

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  11. 1st svc… the Word is forever settled but if i don’t take it seriously i will compromise! me & God are a majority… i just have to agree and be totally settled on His Word!!!

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  12. What a SWEET SUNDAY!! God is sooo sweet to us!
    Jumpstart//You cannot have leadership with strings! Sooooo good!!!
    1st Service//Lost can be saved and the saved can mature-that is HIS grace! So ready to mature this week!
    2nd Service (PK KIDZ 🙂 )//Jesus was a good leader because He was a good follower! I will be a good follower of the Father, His Word, and those that have been placed over me to pull out of me the very best me!! I will not refuse growth, but embrace it…the one’s following are depending on it! 🙂

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  13. CHURCH WAS AMMMMAZING!!!! I’m so thankful to be a part of something bigger than myself!!!

    2nd Service
    tithes and offerings/ JESUS FREELY GAVE!!!! It’s a choice to give! Everything the Father did was freely FOR US, TO BLESS IS FURTHER!!!! Gosh!!!!!! I FREELY GIVE!!!! He gave ALL FOR ME….. ❤️❤️❤️

    Service/ those connected to HIM will be anchored NO MATTER WHAT! I purpose to stay anchored to HIM!!!! The word of God is simple- SEE IT/READ IT, RCV IT, DO IT!!!!! Don’t be concerned with what i see or hear!!! FOCUS CORRECTLY PATRICIA!!!! He will be my focus!!!! Success comes when what I do or hear produces in my life!!!! If I’m not producing, that’s on me.. What am I doing with the Word???? It is weighty!!! Or at least it should be weighty!!! I need what he has to say not anything or anybody else… I purpose to continue knowing him day by day, one day at a time and allowing him to lead and guide me in this beautiful journey called life! I CAN DO IT!

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  14. Soooo grateful for Jump Start here’s some of my Highs: I’m to quiet my soul and hear what my Pastors are telling me in how I relate to following them and learning from them! There will come an attack from the enemy,he’s only after the Word but we are to be unhindered for that Word in our lives! What you feed on grows, so how you feed on His things the Word will take root and come out producing good fruit! Praise Jesus! Jesus/ 1st/The lost can be saved and the saved can mature! Hearing and Obeying the voice of the Word is a must!!!!!! Agreeing to disagree is compromise , Jesus didn’t compromise what the Father sent Him to do for me He said “not My Will but “ Your Will be done and then He did it!!!! So glad He Obeyed! You’ve got to be serious about the Word or you’ll find yourself in compromise ! 2nd/ God will do everything for you but change for you!!!! So good!!♥️

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