DEEP 1.28.19

Woooooooow; where do we even begin?! DEEP was so amazing tonight!! I’m so thankful for our Monday nights together!!❤️🤓 Here are a couple of our highs from class:


  • Being obedient only when people can see you is FAKE
  • If you want to go higher you have to release things down here
  • The father of the prodigal waited with arms wide open but he didn’t call him and chase him down
  • Where do I take exception?!?! Is it at the movies bringing my own snacks? I’m either obedient or disobedient! There is NO inbetween
  • If I love God, I have to HATE my flesh
  • My worth is secured in His sacrifice

Authority of the Believer

  • These are the days to go HARDER!!!!
  • The enemy wants to make a public display of me to a lost and dying world so they don’t want Our God!!!
  • The prodigal couldn’t use his father’s authority because he saw him as just an inheritance! Don’t limit the Father!!!
  • Barnabas determined. He stopped being submitted and it cost him. Where have I determined within myself instead of seeking the authority in my life!!!
  • When I’m determined to do my own thing I cut my life short
  • Stay focused!!! Set your face like flint!

I encourage you to go back over your notes! There was so much revelation jam packed in these sessions! I’m so thankful for the truth!! Don’t forget to join the 12 day challenge and do your mind maps! ❤️ What were some of your highs from tonight? We are in this together!!!


  1. It was soooo good. I’m so thankful for the word..
    either your obedient or your not
    Either your submitted or your not
    Perfect love cast out fear ❤️

    We have the best parents
    Stand on the word and show how good the one is on the inside of you ❤️❤️

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  2. 3-4 year old class:
    •Speaking what I feel, need, or want needs to be decreased and replaced with praying in the Spirit!
    •Hate doesn’t need a reaction of hate but a response of love!
    •I need to hush to be able to hear Gods voice clearly!

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  3. Sooooo grateful for Deep!!!
    There’s a difference between punishment and consequences! Praise Jesus he took the punishment! But I cannot do my own thing and expect there not to be consequences-soo good!!
    I’m excited to do the 12 day detox to really get in and check my thinking and root out the junk!!
    Authority was so good too!! We can’t comparmentalize the word!!
    He has to be the authority in every decision that we make!!
    Believers want to walk in authority and power but don’t want to be submitted to authority!
    Until we are willing to be submitted to authority we can’t walk in authority!
    I do not want to be Barnabas!!😁

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  4. Love vs Fear
    > the higher you wanna go, the more resistance you’re going to have to be willing to face!

    Authority of the Believer
    > refuse to allow the enemy to make a public example of your life
    > refuse to be the reason why people don’t want what your God has to offer!!!

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  5. I’am so greatful for Deep! Here are my Highs : Love vs. fear/ln order to love God you have to first hate your flesh! I have to rule the Word victorious! Thanks for the Detox PC will flush out the old stuff bringing in only the NEW in my thought life any unforgiveness !Authority/ I determine to set my face like flint my focus to be submitted to God! We have the very Best parents ever The Father The Son The Holy Spirit! We’re to be the example of who Jesus is in the earth today so the lost will want what real Christianity is! Don’t be the reason no one wants to be a Christian!!!! If you won’t submit to Authority you won’t have authority!!!! Thanks PF😊

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    1. Yes!! The classes were so good!!! I really liked that about our parents being the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit also!!! So good!!!😍


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